• edgems4

    Hahahahaha!!!…..laughable article.I don’t think even you Paul believe it in all honesty.Those of us who have read know there are clarifications of certain issues which needs to be done.Wishing them away is okay but that does not mean those who it hurt have forgiven or forgotten.Indeed,i want to believe such allegations might return to haunt at the eleventh hour……Think Paul and try this.Was there anything like 41 against 1?

    • Arochabab

      @edgems4: Was there rigging at KICC by PNU stalwarts??

  • Am not surprised at all! Obviously, he doesnt have the guts to challenge the truth. Things mentioned by Miguna Miguna are mostly not challengeable. Thats because they are known and actually happened. Ineptitude, character assassinations, malicious propaganda and rampant lies have been paraded forever here. Would any one really challenge that? Would any one dispute that drunken utter confusion on part of Raila reigned supreme during campaign for constitutional referendum? Would anyone deny that Raila lost Odm-K to Kalonzo and still managed to maintain that Kalonzo “defected?” Would anyone dispute that PM was not on the scene when Kenyans were fighting for multipartyism? Would anyone deny that 1982 coup attempt was truly a tribal one? Would anyone refuse to acknowledge that Raila claims “ownership” of the constituion? Would we fail to know that Raila claims to be the only reformer in a land of 40million people? Even if he were to sue, what would be his defence anyway?

  • pk

    Wewe paul mwangi am sure you will be the next to write a book about this tyranny though you look naive and a coward!!!

  • stunned

    Am sure your name is NOT Mwangi, With Raila being the king of nepotism…..wewe ni Paul Onyango Oginga!

  • And would anyone deny that the country was plunged in to chaos through deception? Would anyone refute the fact that Kenya Human Rights Commission doctored evidence in order to let off the hook real Hague’s potential candidates? Why is Hassan Omar Hassan, the body’s former vice chair, now PM’s blue eyed boy in his futile attempt to become the president? He leads the so called ‘Friends Of Raila’ – FORA! Is that friendship rooted on that deceit or was cemented through this evidence tampering? And if someone were to go to court, would brother Miguna Miguna not become the most prized defence witness? My take is that zero-hour is here!!!!

  • Swalleh Abdikarim

    Kenya doesnt av any precednc ova rulings made in the US, r its ya boss influence wit dat bully country takin da better part of ya. Ts tym ya get you to realise ya jus lyk da Fidel- Wanjiru project N once hes thru wit usn ya as a marketing campaign project of to da dog pit will he throw ya. MAN UP!!!!!!!!!! B4 its to late. Thea much better ways to earn da bucks than da corruption infestd office.

  • James

    My Legal adviser, I will not sue cause all what has been said is 80% true and MM has evidence. Just write an article to tell Kenyans that all are lies.Your faithfully RAO