• I don’t agree with your sentiments. Life is not black and white as you are trying to prove it to be and I feel that what you have to say is just but your opinion not God’s final say in all this. Sometimes two people meet and build their relationship on the right principles and want to get married for the right reasons, but third parties interfere with it because a partner does not meet certain worldly criteria such as right profession, tribe, race, age, a person’s past and many other stuff. The ways of God are way above the ways of man and not even you Thitu Kariba knows when the “we don’t” are right or wrong.

    • Fidelma

      i second u

  • Anonymous

    Readers should treat this as one persons opinion..situations will differ and each case should be judged on it’s merits. God has given us a free will for a reason.

  • Malkia

    i sort of agree that when everyone around you has misgivings about the person you are about to marry that is a big red flag and i have seen it happen to a once close friend of mine who is having serious problems two years down the line if only he had listened…he rushed into marrying a girl he had met only 6months earlier 10 years younger than him and of questiobable character…

  • I quite agree with the commentary.