• Hassan

    I am scheduled back to Kenya on or about July 18, 2012, when my family
    holiday and publicity tour of my book ends. On arrival, I shall issue a
    comprehensive statement on some of the issues that have been raised in
    the media in recent days over my latest book and attendant political
    issues. Until then, I will enjoy my working holiday with my family.

    Check on the return date.

    • upuzi_tele

      It is you to buy new glasses to be able to read the dates properly. Where did you see July 18th?

    • mary

      round about 18th August. You must have edited your copy paste!!!

  • jimmy

    You such a desperate loser face the fire you started with courage

  • mary

    The thing is, weighty matters have been raised in that book, can they be investigated! It is only then we can brand Miguna Miguna a clown or a true concerned Kenyan.

    • Thanos

      I totally agree with you. I think people are concerned about the messenger and not the message which I believe need to be investigated. This part actually scared me

      “However, when I see ravenous mobs burn my effigy, bury a coffin symbolizing my death and threatening me, my immediate and extended family merely because I wrote a book that they perceive to be critical of their political deity even though, in all likelihood, they might not have read; it demonstrates a level of intolerance, ignorance and base loyalty to certain political personages in a manner that cannot be positive.”


    We all go through difficulties in stages of life particularly those who come
    from humble background but Miguna could have narrated his tribulations
    better.The book is full of bitterness and embarrasses everybody else including his
    own family.It appears he has just lifted some materials from his diaries without
    due regard to his social life.The woman he claims to have been bearing children
    every year in his village could be his cousin and i find it insulting(Pregnancy
    takes 9 months) He is too bitter with the late uncle in Lambwe yet he forgets he needs
    to maintain good relations with his cousins.I feel he should have thought of his
    family when writing about kalongo longo in the village.This may be used as
    yardstick to judge the characters of his daughters or sons in a society
    sensitive of the past.He could have spared the names of his classmates who used
    to fat in class and added inspirations to his stories.His former classmates have
    image to protect.Despite education, the fellow has not graduated his village

  • Reaction on Miguna’s book, especially from Raila’s supporters, point to a very dangerous situation indeed. If you dont agree with someone, you are called all sorts of names! Surely, you are only confirming what we have been saying all along, that you are wearing fake reform stickers. And never forget all wicked names on our political landscape come from this same same lot! Infact, the intolerant bitterness exhibited makes people start thinking what would happen if ever, God forbid!, Raila became a president? Perhaps, this extremely violent marauding fellows would probably demand that constitution be amended to make Raila a life president! And if Raila and his goons are unable to face a little challenge from their own man, would they really embrace huge challenges presented by state? Guys you are disqualifying your man by aimlessly running riot! The country can NEVER be allowed to fall in to hands of awfully wicked violent lot. The fake reformers are attempting to become later day big men of Africa! Credentials of a presidential candidate with hyped pretentious feats has been fundemantally put in to question. But all we have are raw pugnacious abuses backed by nothing! This only goes along way to confirm firmly Miguna’s assertions that all the noise of being democrats or whatever, is just that – empty noise! Would real reformers with progressive ideas burn effigies anyway? Investing huge in malicious, vicious lies and wicked propaganda is sin pals and wages of sin is death! Is the political death long overdue?

  • Roving_Analyst

    “I boarded my flight at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport on July 16, 2012, like any other passenger. Based on media reports, the Prime Minister of Kenya, Raila Odinga, also left for China almost at the same time our flight departed. Was he also fleeing into exile?”
    It is these kind of nonsencal statements by MM that calls into question his intelligence.

  • upuzi_tele

    This guy is sick. I wonder why PNU fantics are so excited about his book. Miguna isn’t gonna be your saviour. Kenyans know who are corrupt and those who aren’t.

  • Kenyamoja

    “But he cannot intimidate, threaten or beat us into submission”. I can now see why the PM refused to level himself to the level of such a low man – low education, low self-esteem, low reasoning, low/poor judgement, low attitude towards others. He behaves as someone who never went to school despite having Masters Degree in Law from some University and wonder how he could behave if he went to real University like the Ivy League ones. This guy is a loser and wonder when he will ever change- same attitude in school, university and now work place, he needs counselling. Anyway let him enjoy his time in Canada as that is his right that doesnot help us. Next time he better start an airlift of students to Canada or find something constructive to do rather than wasting his time.

  • Subchicca

    This guy Hassan is just the Master!:) he’s my mech. and nobody else is allowed to touch my car,which minimizes problems