Tough course awaits speed merchants


NAIROBI, Kenya, March 15- A challenging course awaits 52 drivers confirmed for Sunday’s KCB Bankika Rally that will see them race in Kitengela, Stony Athi, Mathatani, Lukenya and Athi River.
Speaking at a press briefing on Tuesday,  course clerk George Mwangi said, “The drivers will go through a total of eight stages totaling 145.60Km of competitive mileage.”

He added the rally had a liaison distance that is 32.59 percent of the 216km total.

Mwangi disclosed Formula 2 competitors will add to the days’ high octane action in the newly laid out special spectators stage.

“Hoping that most of the two wheelers will have not dropped out will watch all 52 drivers take part in the first special spectator stage that will be at noon, giving those who go to church enough time to be there.”

Formula 2 drivers are only doing the first 4 stages and they have been given a chance to take part since they have always wanted to show more to the fans.

“The format has not changed but we gave the two-wheelers a chance to perform in front of the crowds and sponsors. They also want to give more value to the crowds who come to watch their teams,” the Clerk of Course explained.

The ball game might change for the rally crews if the weather changes to wet with Mwangi predicting surprises on Sunday should rains pour on the course.

“Its rough, fast and technical and if it rains the ball game changes, because most of the land there is made of black cotton soil which is sticky when wet, mostly the first 12km section of the Steel Mill stage which will be done 3 times and could produce a surprise winner.”

Two-time former champion, Carl “Flash” Tundo is on pole and leads the bumper provisional list of 40 drivers entered the main Kenya National Rally Championship (KNRC) category. A further 13 are enlisted in Formula 2.

According to event itinerary, the Kenya Motor Sports Club (KMSC) organized rally will be flagged off outside KCB Ongata Rongai branch beginning 9am.


This is where the organisers bring the event closer to the crowds with drivers battling their machines in close proximity to supporters in a looped section.

A 1.5km spectator stage has been prepared that will be used twice in the rally and it is ready to accommodate all rally enthusiasts.

But Mwangi was quick to request everyone attending the event to uphold safety regulations while cautioning everyone from driving to and from the rally under the influence of alcohol.

In the past, inebriated fans have misbehaved during and after rallies with some getting involved in grisly accidents en route from venues.