Obare safe and sound


NAIROBI, Kenya, March 15- Japan based athlete, Dorcas Obare who was presumed missing after Friday’s powerful earthquake and subsequent tsunami that devastated the country told her lucky escape.

Speaking to Capital FM who broke news of her survival after press reports indicating she was missing from her Ibaraki base in Japan, Obare narrated how quick feet and grace of God saved her from the death in the immediate aftermath of the 8.9 strong tremor that unleashed the tsunami estimated to cost more than 10,000 lives.

“I was sitting in my room when everything started shaking violently. We knew it was an earthquake and we started running from the building to an open field that is nearby. That is where we stayed for the next two days before we were allowed to return to the building which was partially damaged,” Obare, who went to Japan in 2006 said on telephone.

“I thank God that I managed to escape and was shocked when my family called me to say that I had been reported missing. I want to assure everyone I’m fine,” she added.

Obare decried the poor conditions they are living in at the moment saying, “Everything was destroyed. We have no food and water where we are living. My coach is organising for us to move to another location that was not affected by the earthquake but if it is not possible, I would rather return home until things improve.”

The runner who has clocked athletics mileage in races stretching from 800m to half marathon said the tsunami had left no infrastructure for them to train.

“We have just been sitting in our rooms doing nothing. All the roads, all the fields and all the tracks are not there anymore.”

Born 10 January 1990, Obare had a roaring 2010 where she raced three career bests of 70:53 (half marathon), 67:21 (20km) and 31:37.07 (10,000m). Her other lifetime bests read, 800m/2:06.88, 1500m/4:15.63, 3000m/8:57.42 and 5000m/15:21.08. She hails from Nyaribari Masaba in Kisii County.


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