Clubs to forge ahead without FKL


NAIROBI, Kenya, February 2-Nationwide Clubs will go ahead to form their own company to run their league following their displeasure with Football Kenya Limited whom they accuse of incompetence.
Clubs convenor Ken Onyonyi said that the clubs  were duped by FKL who claimed to have formed two companies to run both divisions of the league but were shocked to learn that those companies were yet to be registered.

“We’re going to consult with the Kenya Premier League (KPL) and the Minister of sport over this matter because the government is also a stakeholder in this sport,” said Onyonyi.

Onyonyi told a packed media conference on Wednesday that FKL offered to hand over the companies to the respective leagues soon after registration. As a compromise, the Nationwide teams agreed to enter into a conditional provisional agreement with FKL to operationalise the new outfit.

“As a result, we take this as a veiled attempt by FKL to dupe us into abandoning our mission of streamlining football management through involving of teams in running their leagues. In view of this, we will proceed with our plans as before,” added Onyonyi.

Onyonyi also stated that 14 of the 16 clubs Nationwide League Division 1 clubs supported the decision to secede from the national body which is recognized by FIFA.

He also furnished the press with minutes of the meeting held between the clubs and FKL on January 26 with FIFA representative Ashford Mamelodi present.