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  • Wow i like this.

  • Tnoureen

    Very well written_my baby is four months now and this article has perfectly captured my thoughts at the Time

  • Kauchi89

    lol i love this! 

  • Taqrew

    Number 5 resonates so well with my situation LOL! Yeah I look like a baby elephant. But that ain’t non of your business!!!!!

  • preach sista!!

  • oooh ths is owesome

  • Sirpmn

    yes gal tell like ıt ıs

  • no7, amen to that.

  • Mari Mahondo

    wooooow,amazing.a good read

  • aha! Nice !!

  • I like!!!

  • Nmbotela

    confessions of a violater of all these rule: well not all of them but I am definately guilty of rubbing the bellies and staring at the bump but thats only because you look too cute,  Got it-It wont happen again ma’am!!! hehe! …ION very interesing read, funny, witty and to the point. XOXO!