• Vincent Kimani

    am vinny i nid ua help

  • Mandanny

    Sounds to me like an african selling another african to an arab slave trader. Why is this guy defending the racist saudis? Mr Thuita, let the saudis defend themselves. Unless you already one of their slaves.

  • Pish2000k

    Thuita Mwangi is such a imbecile,after all the horrible stories of the many Kenyans murdered in Saudi Arabia he dares to defend them.I live overseas and there have been many stories in the newspapers of people from Indonesia and Phillipines on deathrow and many killed,all women.What a hypocrate you are!get your facts right and stop your ignorance.Why does Capital give such people a chance to air their hogwash,I sympathise with all the families who have been victims of the Saudi slavery.

  • Generalorenge

    Mwangi doesn’t know what it’s like working is saudi,am working in riyadh and have seen all that is said or aired back home,this guy take workers as their own slave so guys hear are working long hour  en even if u sick they just give their left overs and tell u to keep working

  • brookline

    i stay in germany,bit have been following these south arabian stories,and their ways  of mistreating their workers and there are even women who have been serverely been mistreated by their own families and friends.especially women.the funny thing is that when german reporters find this or,get there,give them hidden camaras to film what they are going through,they gat helped.!!wherever the people come from!!We africans have been very unfair to our people and encourage slavery.forgetting we fought for our freedom,but that within our country.and not outside.africans encourage this by supporting people who have more money,forgetting the suffering of those poor kenyans outside,going through such bad experiences.the govt is just afraid of spoiling the business between them n those big countries.its normal     for south arabian gov. to say no.especially when the arabians know already that kenyan government values money than the lives of their own brothers and sisters.imagine you would be told to eat snake,women are being raped by the whole family,being forced to sleep with animal!!!read in different articles.how can so many people lie??is the govt blinded by wealth!!open your eyes ma dear kenyan  politiciands and try to find out really whats going on out there.coz the guys out there need your help and got pple who love and miss them back home.TRY and learn from europeans!!a country would give a billion to resque one person.imagine it was u,or ur mom,ur dad,or beloved brother being out helpless.and you media guys,find out and not juz say no!!why did u go to school n studied whatever u doing??God protect and resque those ones out there even though left alone by those who could help them!!shame on you gover!!taking salery,but doing nothing for mwananchi in need. regards.  A SAD :MKENYA MZALENDO.