Stage set for Hog charge


NAIROBI, Kenya, January 15- Preparations for this year’s Hog charge are in top gear as scores of students from all over the nation are registering to participate for the annual event.

So far over 120 teams have registered from schools all over the country. The event is a gruelling mountain bike race designed to test the human endurance to the limits. It is showcased at the Peponi School in Ruiru, in which teams of four, race through the muddy course terrain.

“The Hog Charge is now over 10 years old, started as a child mobilisation to raise money for the Rhino Arc fence. This event teaches the young children a lot about the environment, teamwork and leadership,” said Peponi headmaster Mark Durston.

“This year Brookside Dairy has donated 20 mountain bikes to be used in the event. We would like to encourage parents alike to participate in the Hog Charge. It is a purely fun and family outing. This will also help the family members bond with each other. As part of our CSR we at Brookside take the Hog Charge seriously as not only educates the students on the importance of taking care of the environment for posterity but also inculcates the virtues of being socially responsible from a tender age,” said Peter Wasonga,  the Marketing Manager of Brookside Dairy Limited.

The students from Peponi School are all charged up and waiting for Sunday.

“We have been preparing for this event and really looking forward to winning it this time. We have been practising whenever we had time by riding as a team. Most of all we are looking forward to have lots of fun in the race”, said Maureen Wanderi, a year 10 student.

This year the Hog Charge has so far raised a record Sh. 3.6 million.