FIFA warns Ghana over probe


ACCRA, December 10 – FIFA has warned Ghana after authorities raided its football association, giving it until Sunday to stop what it called interference in the sport's management, according to a statement on the association's website.The statement on the Ghana Football Association (GFA) website said that authorities must "allow GFA to work again". It said that meant returning "all necessary material to GFA before Sunday 12 December 2010."

Should that not happen, "we will be obliged to refer the case to the FIFA Emergency Committee."

On Tuesday, the west African country’s anti-graft authorities raided GFA headquarters, taking away computers and mobile phones.

"For FIFA, it is not acceptable if the GFA is not in a position anymore to exercise the core of its mandate, which is to run football in the country, because of government intervention," the statement said.

Ghana was the only African nation to make it to the quarter-finals of this year’s World Cup.