• Jannadas

    Beautifull.Anyang Nyongo is an Asset not only to ODM but to the republic of Kenya. Will
    pray the lord to give you a very long life.Long live my motherland Kenya.Best wishes.
    Assante Sana for this.

  • Pratt

    Odm is swiftly dying, thanks to like of you Sir! Without you, may be, just a may be, we would have died under the weight of Raila’s illogical presidency. If democracy means chasing and turning away supporters and prospective supporters, you are our ideal man Sir. Be blessed for burrying any hopes of Odm presidency 6ft under. You are such a good man indeed. When people play with the tribal outfit that remains of Odm, you quickly tell them to lay off! That you let Hon. Mudavadi know that the little twig now being called Odm has its owners is a good idea. Perhaps, deputy party leader will now be another big “O!” Then the ownership/leadership of our outfit will be totally complete tailored to suit our village desires. Our villagers have to own something come what may. You are our true positive man indeed. What else can we say and ask for Sir?

  • Shikokoti Evans, Vihiga

    I think MM is a coward and is revealing his true colors or his so called supporters are cheating him big. When the time comes, these people surrounding hiom will only care about their survival after milkiong him dry. Like 2002, this time atakarangwa viliyo. Why should someone spend alot of time shuttling across the country and continue issuing unnecessary ultimatums? WR tried his and every time got his way in ODM’s leadership but the cowardice in him made him shameless jump ship without seeking fresh mandate from the people. The same script is being played by MM. It happened in 2007 with KM. These are cowards that cannot make any meaningful decisions. I fear if these are the kind leaders Kenyans want to steer the country to nexty level. If he wants to leave ODM, he can freely choose many of the available parties that habve imposed leadership and dont want competion. always want easy things b

    • Pratt

      Raila Odinga is the coward unable to stand any challenge. He is the coward that was never popular at all. But once regional leaders delivered their tribal constituencies to him, he started lying to himself that he was popular. As its always with dictators, he quickly forgot that his so called popularity was merely a borrowed item! Thats why he rings hollow when he pretends to cast his foes as tribalists. The big lie thats Raila is a huge curse to all luos. Think of 40 something years wasted on lies and empty dramas, its despicable pal! Cursing other folks when the REAL CURSE is amongst ourselves is unbelievable insult. By the way, when will we face the hard reality? Cooking up stories about other people doesnt help at all, it only goes to alienate us. So whats the way forward? May be forgetting the painfull liar once and for all? Time for empty choices is over, we are already too behind!!!!