• Japolo

    Apart from many advice they given out to various groups of Kenya, the clergy’s position on General Elections is not convincing at all. Why do they want to extend the life of the current goverment unconstitionally? Is it because they didnt support it? This is one of the many series of confusion. Remember this government was ushered in with alot of pain to many Kenyans. The clergy themselves contributed to the mess and abdicated their religious call to guide the nation just before the 2007 elections that led to mayhem. To erase the suffering, the great nation of Kenya should get into 2013 with a new government in place! December is 2012 elections is the most appropriate and sensible to do. Extending the life of parliament and current rulership will not not augur well. Its time for the current leaders to be ready to pass the baton to other capable corrupt free leaders to take the country to the next level.

    • Jannadas

      Extending the life of Parliament to 2013 is not favoured by the majority of Kenyans.
      The President should read this, its time for him to do some good for Kenya. The masses
      should protest.