• Benmichael

    hahaha… niceeeeeee….

  • Neemoh86

    For the enjoyment and entertainment you seek..watch erotica movies n series like the Zane Sex chronicles. It is locally available and in two seasons. Your toes will curl and it is not all that porn stuff. Trust me.

    • Lynn

      where can i get the series

      • Dknomthii

        Embu, Java Point Entertainment

      • Ednambz

        U can download it from mediafiremovie.org on the series list or get back to me can hook u up

  • Lynn

    name of shop at diamond plaza please? need a toy couldn’t bring mine into the country too scared customs would have embarassed  me if they searched my bags

    • Anonymous

      The shop is called Kigarde Adult Shop, where Sex Is Life LOL. It’s on the ground floor at Diamond Plaza. Happy shopping love! 

      • Miss Vee

        You mean there are actually sex shops in Kenya? Guess we not so consertive and backward. Now to only get the guts to enter the shop… lol, exciting  

        • Anonymous

          No guts no glory. 

  • Anonymous

    Dang! So on point!