16 thoughts on “vicor_mattfield_946009018”

  1. Un-acc-freaking-ceptable. The last thing  I want to see are fairies prancing about in ladie’s clothing. Get it right, cleavage on women=nice,  cleavage on men=barf!

  2. This is just a mentality in our society. I it makes you feel good! Wear it. And I am still the father that I am………………

  3. I used to find this look gay – perhaps because they never pulled it off well . But daymmm the dudes above look hot( esp the dark chocolate). In total agreement with the no chest hair -last guy is not my cup of tea

  4. i believe each and everyone of us has their own opinion.well,personally i think you might as  well walk around with an unbuttoned shirt,so to me its unacceptable…

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