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  1. If its the teachers, that’s fine. The preident should stop playing ignorant and he knows the strike is for the betterment of that common mwananchi who needs quality education jus like that rich kid at Braeburn academy. Let him teach Uhuru a lesson the way he didi to wetangula and ruto.¬†

  2. point driven home. go back to work now. kibaki and raila….. take action immediately… we are tired of this killings, accidents, famine etc.

  3. If he was a good president he should have gotten out of his car and stopped those escorts and try to talk to those demonstrating. I am sure they would have listened to him ūüôĀ

    1. ¬†That would have led to more and more people doing the same thing and everywhere he would go, he would be drawn into micromanaging small issues. Like that guy Orengo and Kosgei say is a bad manager… RAO.

    2. i don’t think stopping and¬†addressing¬†issues on the road side, the Moi style is ¬†a good thing in this new age, i expect the president to have a strict time budget. those activist just wanted to appear on the TV..period atleast to earn their daily allowance

  4. Well things are getting out of hand. Where is the father of the nation and where is his ears, he should learn to listen

    1. Raila whose body guards normally throw ambulances off the road? This empty make believe of ours is really a huge problem!

  5. Roadside politics are for MOI and RAO to play i can actually visualize RAO as next president firing and hiring cabinet secretaries at barazas

  6. Some of us can’t wait for March 2013, its time this lame duck eccentric prezzo went home.100% of the time he’s oblivious of what’s happening in the country..calling it no hands approach.¬†please¬†give us a break!

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