UEFA ban vuvuzelas


GENEVA, September 1- Vuvuzelas have been banned from UEFA matches, European football's governing body said on Wednesday.UEFA told its 53 member associations that it had adopted the ban "for reasons related to Europe’s football culture and tradition", adding that "the atmosphere at matches would be changed by the sound of the vuvuzela".

"UEFA has decided that vuvuzelas — the trumpet that came to prominence at games during this summer’s FIFA World Cup in South Africa — may not be brought into stadiums at matches in UEFA competitions," it announced on its website.

Europe’s footballing chiefs took exception to the introduction of "a continuous loud background noise," while acknowledging that in South Africa, "the vuvuzela adds a touch of local flavour and folklore".

The long plastic trumpets brandished by thousands of spectators alternately enchanted or infuriated football supporters, purists, players, coaches and commentators with their incessant soundtrack for the World Cup in South Africa.

Any bans on national league and cup matches in European countries are up to individual associations.