Drivers find Silverstone wanting


SILVERSTONE, July 10 – Drivers have been less than impressed by the new-for-2010 Silverstone circuit claiming that it is too bumpy, and less demanding than the old circuit.
Red Bull driver Sebastian Vettel was puzzled why the track was so bumpy and likened the experience to ‘falling off a chair’.

"I think everyone is struggling over the bumps." he said.

"It seems like you are falling off your chair, but fortunately we have seat belts!

"I don’t quite understand because you enter the new section and it’s a new bit of asphalt, so it should be flat, but it’s quite a big bump and I think everyone struggled, some people more, some less, and it’s not comfortable that’s for sure."

The 22-year-old German added that the new layout did not suit the style of the track but was grateful that it didn’t ruin the experience.

"It’s not bad. It doesn’t suit the traditional Silverstone because it’s quite low speed, but it’s not that slow, not as slow as I expected and it doesn’t kill the rhythm – that’s the most important thing."

Lotus driver Finn Heikki Kovalainen said he was disappointed by the new layout and admitted that he preferred it before.

"I think Bridge Corner and the Priory Corner were really cool corners, and this new circuit is nothing too exciting," he said.

"If it improves overtaking then fantastic but otherwise I don’t find it too exciting. I have no strong feelings either way, but if I could choose I would choose the other one."

Pole Robert Kubica of Renault was also downbeat as he was expecting the new layout to be more of a challenge.

He said: "It is slippery, it is bumpy, I think less challenging – so I am surprised.

"I think the old circuit was more challenging – there were some nice sections. Here this new loop is slower. There are a few high speed corners, but it’s not as quick or as fun as the old days."