Kiwis ban vuvuzelas


WELLINGTON, July 7 – The vuvuzela has provided the soundtrack for the football World Cup but New Zealand officials have banned the droning horn for upcoming rugby Tests and next year's World Cup.
Vuvuzelas won’t be allowed into Saturday’s Test between the All Blacks and South Africa at Auckland’s Eden Park and they will also be banned at next year’s Rugby World Cup in New Zealand.

Loud horns have never been allowed at Eden Park, chief executive David Kennedy said Wednesday.

"I think its a judgment call on whether to let in certain items," Kennedy said.

"There are 25,000 people expected to turn up to the Test match this weekend and any vuvuzelas brought to the venue will be confiscated."

The Rugby World Cup’s official website states that any air horns or sound amplifiers will be prohibited from games, along with musical instruments and whistles.

Vuvuzelas have become the signature of the football World Cup in South Africa but the monotonous drone is loathed by many, drowning out crowd chants and making it nearly impossible for players to communicate with each other.