Germans celebrate victory over English


BERLIN, Germany, June 28 – Berlin erupted into a party mood on Sunday evening when the final whistle blew for the German and England match at the World Cup in South Africa.
It was a long noisy night as vuvuzelas and fireworks as celebrations went on throughout the night on the streets, bars and most of other public places.

About 350,000 fans gathered at a 1.3km long street of Fifa Fanmeile at the heart of Germany’s capital city to cheer the 4-1 win for Germany.

The fans; young and the old thronged the street as early as 1pm to watch the long-awaited game.

Others gathered at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin.

Fans dressed and carried paraphernalia decorated in German flag colors –black, yellow and red – pasting their loyalty and patriotism for Germany’s national football team.

Whistles, shouts, song and dance were the perfect warm up and an exact accompaniment as Germany took up on the England team.

Motorists drove around the streets of Berlin hooting and flying the German flags from their cars and motorbikes.

Sabrina Tschiche, a fan of the German team, was excited that Germany got more points giving it high chances of being in the game to the finals, “I am happy Germany has won. It was a tough game.”

“It’s is good that Germany won, you now have happy smiling people around you, if they had lost you would have the worst time of sad faces around, let’s hope they win next time and you can find even happier faces throughout your stay in Germany,” a fan said.

A song that Germany has to go to the finals was abruptly composed and the crowd quickly found a tune for it.

The excitement was carried to the buses on the streets of Berlin as well as the underground trains as people celebrated the win.

A fan at a train station said, “Germany will go all the way to the finals. It is a great team and I believe it will go up there. Germany go, Germany go.”

What is most striking about Germans is the determination and confidence they have in their team.

Last week, there was a similar feeling in Berlin. Tens of thousands of fans gathered at public viewing places to watch the match between Germany and Ghana.

They had high hopes after Germany’s 1-0 win against Ghana.

They said it was an indication that their team would beat rival England in the Sunday match.

The fans believe Germany will beat Argentina in the quarter finals saying the 4-1 win indicated Germany would see it to the finals.

“Germany is improving in every match, I don’t see this team getting out any times soon,” said 82 year old Schneider Grolmes who was dressed in a cap, scarf and a T-shirt in German flag colours. He also had a vuvuzela covered with a German flag hanging from his neck.