• jack thomas

    Odongo is jealous idiot of a boy because of generous Sonko,whether he donates everything needed in Kenyan hospitals or police posts nothing will change,we have well equipped hospitals but people suffer due to poor performance by the staff,police also do nothing for common people,whatever rubbish you write is a repetition of what mutoko said… SONKO is a man of the people.get a life

    • Dannish Nish Odongo

      Jack Thomas, It’s amazing how articulate you have managed to challenge the above opinion piece.

      • jack thomas

        i find nothing palatable in that article,its just hatred and jealous of him…there are useless leaders out there whom you cherish

  • jack thomas

    what have you ever done to help others/the needy personally rather than pouring your sperms on their girls

  • Kenico wamkubwa

    Odongo this is a nice a nice and daring piece which no one wants to accept. Those who think sonko i a “man of the people” and a wonderful leader should realise that good leaders ensure that they set up systems that actually work for the people. lets also ask the difficult questions….who is funding these projects, the capital aspects and the running cost. The last time i checked senators also wanted a salary increment..lets not be blinded Kenyans..everything is in black and white. A good man does not give you fish but teches you how to fish.

  • Meshark Ndolo

    Mr. Dannish Odongo…kindly work hard and manage your funds. Comprehend this is your solemnly individual opinion that has no social or economic development agenda. It’s hi-time you paraphrased what you are passionate about.

  • Lilian

    Watu kuumwa na pesa ya wenyewe. Sonko’s money is his not yours!!!! make yours and manage the way you want. Why are you complaining coz of the way he is using HIS money, is it yours? Yaani we are having this discussions over somebody’s money and the way he spends it? Hehehehe, its hilarious.

  • Mkemwema

    Very very true,there are 3M people in Nairobi,80% of them live below the poverty line and 100% of these 80% will not need free limos for weddings that they can’t have. Wish Sonko can do these “donations” privately.