• You’ve heard it loud and clear guys and gals. No head if you wonna live longer than the great Nelson Mandela. He’s an awesome 94.

    • Mazzdark

      You of course believe the great Mandela has never gotten head

      • The problem is giving head, not receiving.

        • mungai

          It is in giving that we recieve!

  • Greenmarshmarrows

    As a scientist, i have a problem with this theory. simply because it is based on empirical assumptions that HPV in the sexual fluids would preferentially infect the first tissues it comes in contact with, mouth and throat tissue. this is not s scientific. viruses are more dynamic than that

  • . . . .70% of people that commit murder hve eaten a bread product within 24 hours of commiting their crime . .. . . SO WHAT!!!! this really appears to be a causality plucked out of the air . . . .

  • Oh dear !

    • Mazzdark

      Calm down carolynar

      • hahahah no, am not worried !

        • Mazzdark

          Good, enthusiasm is rare enough as it is

    • Ishamael Muli

      Oh dear to the pic or the article?

  • frank


  • Dr Hako

    That’s the best part of it…what do we do?

  • ut

    girls, my advice is to keep your heads stationary and let the partner do the hard work, do not move your head only the lips and tongue will do the trick.


    This problem is easily solved with the following be monogamous and use your genitalia in the correct place.