• DJ Amoh juuuu!!!!!!

  • J Mbuthi

    Al Jazeera, undoubtedly you are entitled to your opinion as much as other people are entitled to their.
    We would like you to be balanced in your investigative journalism to expose how African house workers are subjected to slavery in the Arab world. You have heard about the the humiliation, mistreatment and even fatalities that befall our ladies in Arab homes. Expose it to the world.
    Have a balanced day

    • Al Beziro

      Mbuthi and Tano, the truth shall set you free. The truth is we are going behind and stabbing our beautiful constitution. I believe it is not to the best of out interest to deny the truth because of politics or ethnicism. We better be patriotic and sort our problems as a nation, instead of denying the truth. We are, as a nation, going into a deep pit. Its now or never!!!

      • J Mbuthi

        Al Beziro, I hear you loud and clear. However, I do not think that I need a foreign media house to tell me what to do and what not to do. I wonder why the entire world catches a cold when Kenya sneezes. I have seen all manner of comments and suggestions from foreign media houses, international NGOs and CBOs about the proposed amendments. One minute they are accusing us for not doing enough and another minute they are opposing measures suggested to give our government the legal muscle to deal with terrorism. What do they know that we do not know about financing of international terrorism? This is the plain truth my fellow co-patriot.

  • tano

    why dont al jazeera talk about slavery in thier state where kenyans are kilied

  • Cheborgei

    The arrogance from the mouthpiece of al queda , al shabbab and other extremists is nauseating .
    I have no time for extra judicial killings but i have no time for preaching by sympathizers of terrorism. Damn Al jazeera

  • Njorua Africa

    Aljazeera is a Muslim/Arab mouthpiece with no interest for truth or balance. Increasingly Aljazeera role seems to be to promote radical/political Islam. Aljazeera have tried to undermine Kenya counter terorrism efforts within kenya and inside Somali, painting Kenya as corrupt, western/Israeli puppet, discriminating and killing Muslims – a good Jihadists propaganda narrative.Aljazeera is completely silent on legitimate terror threats Kenya faces, killing, maiming, destruction of properties carried out by the terorrists on innocent Kenyan.
    It is time to Ban Aljazeera in Kenya