• Mazzdark

    Woe to you, O land, when your king is a child, and your princes feast in the morning! Ecclesiastes 10:16

  • kastonemkenya

    True…anything that threatens the peace and security of the country should be dealt with the heat of of a volcano on ice…no evidence should be left of such persons…:the monopoly of violence on national enemies is non-negotiable

  • Qwani

    Uhuru needs to bring all the disciplined forces directly under his command and this includes the National Police. If indeed the buck stops with him then he must have direct access to all the security levers with the powers to hire and fire at will. I have never understood how a junior police officer can run to the law courts when they have been transferred to another location. Since when did we have “democracy” in the disciplined forces???

  • lolo

    This guy is the Executive Director of ‘Change’ Associates yet he advocates for a return of the ‘Kitchen Cabinet’ madness. Sounds like an oxymoron to me.

  • jeff itunga

    You advocate the return of authoritarianism and dictatorship and you seem to advocate for very cheap solutions to complex issues by purporting to quote sources whose import you don’t comprehend.The current institutions are capable of handling all the current challenges adequately without looking for extra legal means.We only need the right software-HR element.