New supremo by April


NAIROBI, Kenya, March 8 – Cricket Kenya (CK) will have a new CEO by the end of the month.CK chairman Samir Inamdar told Capital Sport that the International Cricket Council (ICC) rules state that the post should be filled within 90 days of the departure of the last occupant if a country is to get support from the sport’s governing body.

“The position has to be filled as quickly as possible if we are to receive funding from the ICC to carry out our activities,” said Inamdar.

“At the moment we have received 65 entries from all over the world and are currently coming up with a shortlist of the potential candidates,” he added.

Inamdar stated that the process of short listing the candidates will take another week before they come up with individuals capable of replacing Tom Tikolo.

CK has been without a chief executive following the resignation of Tikolo in December  following allegations that he failed to declare funds he received form the ICC during an under-15 tournament in the West Indies two years ago.

Tikolo claimed that he had misplaced the money and was scared to report it fearing the wrath of CK.

The revelation came as a big blow to the four year old organization that was formed to forge a new beginning for Kenyan cricket and deviate away from the troubles that bedeviled its predecessor the Kenya Cricket Association (KCA).

Inamdar said that the new CEO will be responsible for formulating the way the body will be run.

“Once the chief executive is in place, he will make further appointments and build his team from the ground up and then carry on from there,” said Inamdar.