Tikolo leaves Cricket Kenya


NAIROBI, December 22 – Tom Tikolo has resigned as CEO of Cricket Kenya.The former national cricket team captain handed in his resignation in the wake of allegations of misappropriation of funds.

Cricket Kenya chairman Samir Inamdar on Tuesday confirmed that the association had accepted his resignation.

In a statement, the CK supremo confirmed that the association last weekend held an inquiry into monies that Tikolo had allegedly misappropriated.

“We held an inquiry which centered on; a refund given personally to Mr Tikolo amounting to some US$3,000 by Kenya Airways in respect of funds paid by Africa Cricket Association (ACA) for the airfares of players from East Africa who participated in the AfroAsia tournament held in India in 2007,” read the statement.

The second count involved a travel grant of US$ 10,000 payable to Cricket Kenya by the organizers of the Clico under 15 tournament held in West Indies in 2008 which is alleged to have been paid in cash to Mr Tikolo.

The hosts for the Under 15 tourney had offered a travel grant of US$10,000 towards the team’s travel which Tikolo asked the organizers to pay him when he arrived in the West Indies as the team manager.

Tikolo however told the inquiry that the cash was stolen from his bag and that he reported
this to the hosts requesting assistance. The board found him guilty of failing to inform of them of the grant.

Regarding the Kenya Airways refund, the association acknowledged that it was satisfied with the explanation and evidence given by Tikolo. ACA, who had supplied the funds, was fully aware of and approved the course of action taken by Tikolo and the association concluded that there was no basis that any misappropriation had taken place.     

But despite, CK’s green light, Tikolo offered to step down.

“Tikolo made it clear that he had no intentions of any dishonesty but felt it best, in the interests of the game, that he should step aside. He confirmed that he was solely responsible for his actions and that the entire Board was unaware of this incident,” read the CK statement.

Tikolo has also committed to repay the monies in question.