Rooney let off with a warning


LONDON, Nov 10 – Wayne Rooney has been warned about his future conduct following a remark the striker made to television cameras after Manchester United's defeat by Chelsea, the Football Association said on Monday.WAYNE_ROONEYRooney appeared to mouth "12 men" to the cameras following Premier League champions United’s 1-0 loss to leaders Chelsea at Stamford Bridge on Sunday, a remark implying referee Martin Atkinson had been biased in favour of the Blues.

An FA spokesman said Monday: "Wayne Rooney has been warned as to his future conduct following remarks made yesterday (Sunday)."

After the match, United manager Sir Alex Ferguson followed up the England striker’s comment with some pointed remarks about Atkinson, particularly in relation to the official’s decision to award a 76th minute free-kick that led to Chelsea’s winner, scored by Blues captain John Terry.

"The referee’s position to make the decision was absolutely ridiculous, he can’t see anything," Ferguson said. "He’s got a Chelsea player (Joe Cole) standing right in front of him and he doesn’t even move.

"That goal shoudn’t have been allowed. It was a bad decision, but there’s nothing we can do about it. You lose faith in refereeing sometimes, that’s the way the players are talking in there. It was a bad one."

However, it is understood the FA will not take action against Ferguson as he did not suggest Atkinson was biased or question the referee’s integrity.

Chelsea’s win left them five points clear of second-placed United.