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    1. Development my Tush, develop your brain first then understand that theres a time to work and time to play. I really hope you are wealthy with your development stories.

      1. I own a multi-national company worth over USD5,000,000. I think I know more about development than you can even dream of.

        1.  Dont be stupid thats crap this is not your type of page to read… go read the Forbes and rank yourself

  1. lol, what is that bitch melli flu something saying about development…..??? if i waz being told this by Mandela it wud probably make sense but cz u own a multi national company??? how about u build children homes and schools with ua billions to develop ua nation instead of taking ua interesting time to coment on BBA!!!

  2. Booooring crap. Bring on issue oriented agenda eg how to harvest water, ending civil wars, famine etc. we got toooo many problems in africa. let us not waste our precious and scarce resources with BBA, by the their is nothing like celebrity, just fake and spoilt people!!

    1. I’m sure you will find content on other sites or even in the business section of this site. Better yet, tell us what you’re doing to solve the issues you’ve mentioned. Having problems doesn’t mean that you don’t take time to have fun! and problems are not unique to Africa! everyone has problems and everyone should have fun despite the problems. KAA CHINI

  3. What is this Big brother nonsense all about, why do we Africans behave as if we don’t have our own culture? Stop wasting time with the Western thinking lifestyle it will never never help poverty if Africa. Shame on you guys dating in front of the camera and almost doing it in front of the camera.

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