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  1. Even if you are different personalities,you come from the same country man….the brother didnt nominate you even once….wewe ni musaliti,…YOU DONT DO THAT…..

  2. dude!!…u sick….ur a TRAITOR….go finish scholl and learn some simple english…….mabe i should help you out….Traitor is person who is guilty of treason or treachery, in betraying friends, country, a cause or trust, etc


  4. As if you expect a compliment from anyone? probably not even that you sweetheart….. You even agree when you say that you were looting for Wati-Malawian to win… that shows clearly that you are jelous of the president… well well well, we are here for him and shall vote till we cant vote no more… #TeamPrezzo

  5. You are a Traitor Alex, no explanation can save you, how dare you nominate your fellow country man, different personalities or otherwise. Go hang!!

  6. I’m not in love with Prezzo myself but when it come to Taifa La Kenya, you did wrong. And then you stick it in further by campaigning for Wati (Malawi)??? Dude, you’re not bright. Umejimaliza k.a.b.i.s.a. Go start that business of yours in Malawi.

  7. traitor: one who has turned against their race and /or ethnicity( in this case Prezzo who is from your country) in favor of those who would persecute them (in this case Wati from Malawi). in a perfect world u would be right to root for whoever you want but this isn’t a perfect world..so for now you’re a traitor end of story..but good luck in your biashara.

  8. I pity u dude. First, u r a Traitor. Dint watch most of the downville show when u were in that house, but wen I watched u in upville, it dint take me long to realize how useless u r. Alex, Y u nominate prezzo? Y? Its not like Prezzo dint have something negative to say about u, but all the same, he dint nominate u. Then, y u not go go for a bridging course in English so u can communicate properly? ua pronunciation of some words and sentence construction is wanting. Then, Y u support Wati when ua own countryman is still in the houze? AAAArgggggg. Am glad u left. Am just glad.

  9. the same guy you are rooting for nominated you n cmb neva eva mentioned your name??i dont even know what to call yo, u r a traitor

  10. Alex: nugu wewe! you cant even speak proper English-stammering, stuttering and swallowing your words like a chimp!

  11. dude… am not sure which hole big bro dug you out from but you surely took shallowness to a whole new level…. always got goose bumps whenever you opend your mouth. PATHETIC!!

  12. What is wrong with Alex? He is the father of all traitors. Even if you don’t like your country man?? Your country comes first. So full of primitive energy. NKT.

  13. BITCH PLEASE —- You are simply a traitor. If you hold no grudge why didn’t you fly the KEnyan flag high. You had other options to pick for nominations. You did it twice and you fucking say you are not a traitor.. Thats Utter RUBBISH. Infact if it were not for the Random nominations in downville you would have been out long time ago!! Dont brag!!!

  14. Ask yourself why there is so much negativity about you! re-access yourself. You need to learn from basics in life! You acted stupid, Where you liked prezzo or not. You made a poor decision and you have to live the consequences. Be sure, Kenyans will hate you. They have no trust in you, apart from your so called “close friends”

    You betrayed Kenya. How did you feel when you found out Prezzo had not nominated you??????

  15. You are a total disgrace!!!!!!!!!! Go learn how to express yourself in English. You are so dim! Prezzo never nominated you and you think you are smart to root for Wati? That guy nominated you silly. Grow up. Kenya comes before you and Prezo……..

  16. am glad you left you should have done long time ago why nominate your fellow country man??? weuwe ni msaliti

  17. TRAITOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Not that i like Prezzo but clearly even if he got on your last nerve, you shouldn’t have nominated him, he is your country man…….TRAITOR

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