• EduPaul

    Momanyi, did Kibaki quit national politics when he was defeated in 1992 and 1997. Behave – these are politicians they can their electorate in any seat. Indeed Kibaki, contested election that he won when he was not out of politics but MP for othaya – go back to school!

    • Duncan Muchina

      I think you are the one who should go back to school and form a habit of sitting in the front. We are under a different dispensation known as Katiba Mpya…..read it online brother!

  • Bonk3

    I think both Raila Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka read the constitution upside down. Why are we not hearing the same hallaboo from Martha Karua? Is Raila and Kalonzo above the Kenyan constitution? Why would the government offer 20 armed guards to the both gentlement? Was Musalia Mudavadi not a vice-Prime Minister in the coalition governement? Has Koigi wa Wamwere, Martha Karua, Matiba, Muite, Mukisa, not fought for reforms in Kenya and have they been provided with armed guards?
    When Kenyans ask these genuine questions one is reffered as a tribalist and to me it is falling to the hands of impunity schemers.

    • Loisoiflame

      Raila nad Kalonzo are ordinary Kenyans as for now . Luckily for them they can afford to employ security privately .Many of us cannot afford . On the other hand they have to consider themselves as losers and losers cannot lead. anyone who who loses election steps down in normal circumstances . If they want CORD to be relevant come next election they must hand over the leadership to someone else . Their experience might be needed within their respective parties but going back to parliament as MPS? considering their past positions is shaming themselves. they have to call it a day this was their last chance to be presidents of this country

  • Muhando Gedi

    Muthama and Anyanga are seeking publicity.Their offer is not real.CORD MPs/Senators ought to have resigned in large numbers to force their adored leaders back into either house.It is time these noises about having Raila and Kalonzo stopped.The elected members of CORD should be strategising on how quickly to bring down this jubilee thing.And how to make Raila and Kalonzo electable.

  • Karimi

    seems you are speaking for the opportunists who want to tell us to accept and move on.. even you, accept their come back and move on. it is their right to be back

  • Karimi

    i do not know why some sections of Kenyans feel bad when RAO’s name is mentioned and yet they say we should accept..aiiiiiiiiii

    • william njogu

      Only in Luoland hasRaila’s name any substance. Where i come from ,you loose you loose. People go about their live BUT something wrong with luoland.

  • joanes owayo

    Mommanyi you are behaving like a political commentator than a News Editor.I think you are not even fit to be a journalist.

  • Dr gina

    Why can’t you spend ua valuable time vetting a funny cabinet ? Athhhhhsss

  • You are for some strange reasons involved in spreading rumours. The whole clamour for Hon. Kalonzo and Raila to go back to parliament was initiated by selfish tribalists who actually wanted to outshine them. The two leaders have all along shown total disinterest in the whole matter. Obviously, you are trying to tell us that the guys had no idea they could lose the election! Forgeting that both have severally lost before. Only that they didnt hold high offices of VP and PM respectively then. Politics has unwritten rules that no one can break and afford to survive. If for instance, Kalonzo and Raila agree to be ordinary Mps, their survival in politics would most likely amount to naught. And moreso, given that Mps cant be appointed ministers. Once you are reduced to an ordinary mortal that cant even do better than a first-timer Mp in parliament, your clout quickly diminishes. Remember Dr. Njoroge Mungai? He was once defense & foreign affairs minister and even late Mzee Jomo Kenyatta’s personal physician. From that seemingly unassailable position, he was easily brought down by the then little known Dr. Johnstone Muthiora, who died only a few months after winning the seat. It was rumoured that he had died of poisoning. Dr. Mungai quickly reclaimed his former seat and settled down as an ordinary MP. However, because of his former position, he remained out of place in parliament in subsequent years. Even his Kanu chairmanship in Nairobi didnt help. He literally never recovered and went on forced retirement years later as a very disappointed man!