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    1. Shame on you,thats why your using anonymous names….i think your the real shit…and whether you abuse he will be there for 5 years and it will not paint in his face, he will receive the respect he deserves and you will not do anything to that…

    2. Give the man a chance or share whatever better ideas that you have. Don’t be like the crabs that pull others down so that none climbs to the top. Wakenya, tuamue kusonga mbele. That is where we belong. God has blessed us with resources, and we must do our part.

  1. This speech makes me proud to be Kenyan! Kenya we are going places> I thank God for a “young” president with an ambitious agenda. This is what we need to leap to great heights.

  2. The presidential speech is a restoration of great hope for Kenyans. It is absolutely motivating and makes me participating in building a strong democratic Kenya. Fellow Kenyans let us kenyanize Kenya again. James ole kipish – DolDol.

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