• Sheila

    With respect to the writer, I believe that the website was to show the public the evidence that they were not able to see during the court proceedings. I personally was curious as to what was in those 900 hundred page bundles that they handed to court. Further at the point of the launch of the website the full ruling of the Supreme Court had not come out, so i highly doubt the civil society group said that the website was for the evidence the court ignored.. Unless they had a sneak peak at the judgement… Lets not get stuck on a name (of a website) surely a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet.. The Kenyan people voted for a constitution which sets out freedom of information as a right. Let CORD put the information out there for people to see….

    • Lillian

      Girl, you are as bitter as any other meaningfull Kenyan who want to live right. Crap Crap Crapy writters from one community. Shame on them

      • shalom

        “Blessed is he who has a quiver full of them” according to the sages. This will stop the enemy at the gate…..check your numbers+unity in the community we come from. Whatever we call them or call us if we can not unite they will always dominate hata kama baba yetu angekuwa raisi.

  • Natural Sceptic

    Instead of ‘people’s court” I thought “western countries court” would have been more pertinent. It is also good to put their evidence out there, to facilitate legal claims by those who depict mis-presentations or disinformation.

  • James

    I think that the spirit of this article is misguided. I think it fails in its assertion or implications that Kenyans should not persue other avenues to express their views with regard to the institutional conduct of the IEBC or the Supreme Court. Remember the Spirit of democracy, “the majority will have their way, the minority their say” this right must be defended at all costs. those with reservations about the conduct of the recent elections must be allowed to express fully their reasons for such reservation. right or wrong! It is this very idea that allows for democracy to persist in society. It is indeed this very idea that has delivered Kenya to its current state. Once the advocates of this constitution were the minority. the IEBC and the supreme court have spoken but to imply that acceptance should amount to aquiescence by those with reservations is disingenuous. Reality rearly lends itself to such a preposition and one should not expect it. I welcome the critique of the IEBC so that next time they will do better and hopefully their conduct shall be beyond reproach to all kenyans and not just the winners; and to the Supreme court that they may continue to read and interprate and more so contemplate the laws of the land with greater wisdom fuelled by their continued awareness of the faith that all kenyans across the devide place on their shoulders.

  • Lillian

    I hate this crap written by Kikuyus…….really, no justice, no civil rights….we’re the same old Kenya….

    • shalom

      Your state of hate could generate to your own downfall. Fret not waste not the space in eternity play your role.

    • ali mohamed

      The supreme court according to the right and correct tribe rigged …..in not ordering the Mps from Kambaland to step down for Raila and Kalonzo. IEBC rigged in speaker of Parliament and senate elections and committees of houses. The Supreme Court should have ordered defeated Cord to be given the two seats so that the Kikuyus can know that there is justice and civil rights… Go and hang yourself.

  • ali mohamed

    AFRICOG Is led my people of dubious character,with the lowest level of integrity on the scale, foolish in ideas, shameless ,and who presented gossip as evidence of rigging before a supreme court . The only constant in what they do and say is lack of credibility.

    The persons who fund such an NGO must be drug dealers, and other criminals because it advocate for a lawless society. Donors of AFRICOG should be arrested for money laudering or cleaning piracy money through irrelevent and duious court cases that have no legs.

    As the people of Kibera continue to use flying toilets, AFRCOG, continues to use their images to attract gullible donors and the donor money shared with lawyers by the directors filing cases that will be dismissed for being baseless. Indeed the