• Benjamin

    what a mother

  • Abra wa Dabra.

    On the flip side, I think something else that Kenya out here would benefit from greatly is STRONG leadership in their Embassies and High commissions. Issues like professional accreditation or qualifications recognition are some of the hiccups we experience out here. For one to have to sit for e.g to have to sit for an english proficiency test is absurd- Kenya language of instruction is English- but who knows this. MFA or the relevant bodies, UON etc need to look into this.

  • Ngoma

    You must harness our expertise and knowledge in marketing Kenya abroad. Some of the agencies being used by the likes of KTB are nothing but a bunch of hopeless and snobbish looters yet we are so brainwashed to think that only a muzungu/mwarabu or whatever can market Kenya. The representative agency in Dubai is a sham – was embarrassed to see Nigeria with a better stand at the annual travel show there whilst Kenya had something worse than a kiosk!!! Shame.

  • kipsuter morioong

    nice steps and welcomed by all kenyans.

  • This is a step in the right direction, Madam Kimonye. Kenyans in the diaspora are out there because of many reasons but we remain very close to our motherland in many ways. There are a number of things you need to do with Kenyans in the diaspora, so that we feel a part of nation building besides sending money home – you need to have someone at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs who has worked in the diaspora – not as a government employee but independently because they would understand better how to deal with diasporans, who are often seen as ‘rich’ and snobbish by many Kenyans – which is not true. Kenyan embassies need to interact more with Kenyans abroad – whether wana makaratisi ama hawana wherever they are as we do not stop being Kenyans just because of the status some of us have. We need to be seen as part and parcel of developing Kenya and hopefully, in the next election, there will be serious voting by diasporans from wherever they are. Almost every country has a group or two that brings together Kenyans abroad – work with those. Please treat diasporans as Kenyans, not ‘those people’ working abroad.

  • I think as a patriot I will settle and work in Kenya though I visit quarterly. Kenya needs to recognize its brains not to import expats while Kenyans are available and with better know how.
    Good example is the Case of CDN where expats has made the company to come to its knees due lack of good management by foreign expats.
    Right now I will continue serving Iraq IT infrastructure as an Expat of which I can also do better in Kenya.
    Best wishes to Kenyans.

  • We need an ambassador who is economically,socially inteligent,liquid,among all wisdom,we have desire to invest,visit home regularly but there are so many obstacles,many of them can be solved using common sense but our leaders are opaque.please give us leaders who are close to diasporas and can interract freely.

  • Kangai

    Well done Brand Kenya team! Seems to me that you just found one way of tapping into the Kenyan talent, competencies and social and human capital abroad/overseas. As a champion and agent for the this cause, your approach is innovative and encouraging. Keep it up and know that we love Kenya, although not physically at home, we believe that Kenya is a sleeping economic giant and a haven for anyone looking for a place to settle be it from a climatic perspective, scenery, hosipitality and others, Kenya is just the best place one could live. However, we need and must join hands to ensure it reaches its full economic, social, and political potential all all Kenyans and visitors to enjoy it.

  • Well spoken Madam Kimonye, but by the look of this article,
    though I can tell for sure how many Kenyans have read it one thing is for sure,
    very few given the number of comments left here.

    My main issue with “Brand Kenya” is the way and means you
    reach out to Kenyans and potential investors or tourists.

    I’m a Boston residence for the past 18 years and I have seen
    TV commercials for Tanzania, Egypt, Morocco and South Africa on both Local and
    National TV. These countries pay hundred thousands of dollars to run these kind
    of commercial for months on various TV Channels.

    Unlike Kenya these countries take marketing seriously. They
    advertise their countries like a commodity.

    Kenya on the other hand depends on once a year Boston, New
    York or Chicago Marathon and a few Maasaai Mara you tube clips posted by
    previous visitors. This is wrong.

    If CNN, CBS ABC, Fox etc are too expensive Someone need to
    think about advertising on Blogs, Kenya owned radios in Diaspora, Using Kenya
    owned tractor trailers (Mkokoteni AKA 18 wheeler) as mobile Billboard, Email
    banks for newsletter and so many other “Cheap” methods. You just have to think
    out of the box.

    Jambo Boston Radio

    • My2Cents

      This is exactly the kind of input the Mary Kimonye is talking about, see, we need people with out of the box ideas on how to market Kenya effectively, an you are one of them.

  • Does this apply to people living in Rongai?

  • Job Openings !!!!! first employ the millions who are unemployed back home…stop lying…we have thousands of graduates who are unemployed kenya give them jobs first
    …i will keep on working in Afganistan..kenya job market is doomed…..

  • East or West, home is always best, i used to think the big money one earns in Europe makes one happy, but money is not everything. am better off in my Kenyas motherland than in Europe 100 times,,,,,,,,, and the story continues

  • pauline

    Hello Mary Kimonye & thanks for your article, its so true that we are tired of the stressful life in Europe , France and very keen on job adverts in my industry, but everytime i apply for a job , then im told that i have to attend the interview in Kenya , and taking the air fare into consideration and not being sure to be picked out , it gets quite discouraging in the end .
    If anyone knows how i can go about it without having to attend an interview in Kenya , i would be really grateful . Im currently working in a french company as an imports zone manager buyer with a masters in International trade .
    thankyou !

  • Mwikali Wambua

    I love Kenya, its the corruption and bad politics I hate.