Serena gets mad-so what?


NAIROBI, Kenya, September 16 – Serena Williams is a human being just like you and I.SERENAShe got mad and threatened to push a tennis ball down someone’s $#@!

I laughed.

Ill tell you why – men do this all the time; think Jimmy Connors wagging a violent finger, Andre Agassi questioning a female lineswoman’s sex life, and we all remember John McEnroe’s ‘are you serious?’ I played that on the radio today.

So here’s the thing – are we saying that its ok for men to swear and cuss and display serious lack of self control but somehow women get no understanding?

Yes women are meant to be ladylike and demure but have you seen Serena? She is passion and fire and unbridled and arguably this makes her a better player than her sister in my opinion.

She trains just as hard as any man, she puts in the hours and you can tell just by looking at her body – in the same manner she should be entitled to lose it every now and again!

So a $10,500 fine is – I am sorry to say a little harsh! Yes I know the critics say her outburst was extreme but lets see how many of us wouldn’t crack under the pressure!

The thing I find most intriguing is that- sports, entertainment, politics, all these things are made of individuals and that is what makes it interesting- no offense but I find Nadal boring, so what if the ‘tennis lovers’ find my girl from Compton rough around the edges?  

She is what gives colour to the game!

We should have a press conference titled ‘oops I said that’ starring Serena Williams, Kanye West and the infamous YOU LIE man South Carolina Republican Joe Wilson who openly criticized Barack Obama on his healthcare plan during a press conference, yelling out those two words!

So play on Serena and tell it like it is!!

Just not so much next time?