• boiyot

    Funny reading such an article from the one and only JJ Kamotho! How times have changed…

  • Peter

    i may be wrong to think that the role of a governer will be to rule with an already laid out law in the constitution,right? Is it right then to say that the problem was not the type of government nor the people who ruled us but the laws that were laid in the old constitution?

  • Duncan Muchina

    Governorship. 1964, Kenya had a population of less than 8 million…today over 40 million…question: does governorship work better than PC’ship? Is Kenya too small to have 43 governors all drawing mbeca from public coiffures? What didn’t work with PC’ship, DC’ship, DO’ship, and Chief’ship? Were we better off under such than the unknown new? Will the new gava not employ the old system to rule? How will he be able to understand grass root touch bila chifu? How will his chain of command be like?
    Time will surely tell…..

  • twerp

    Then why pray, are governors recently chosen, not occupying the old PC’s offices? What in effect are PCs doing in the regions?