• In Std 5, way back in 1971, we learnt that ethnic strife was
    a deliberate administrative scheme introduced by Fredrick Lugard called divide
    and rule. To do so, one just inserts envy, hatred, contempt and other negative
    feelings between tribes. Thus you have Ibo-Hausa, Kikuyu-Luo, Xhosa-Zulu and
    even a greater one, the continental – diaspora african, for which Malcolm X

    Neo-colonialism was introduced
    with independence because the coloniosers did not have to spend a penny in
    administration and governance.

    The natives, such as Mobutu, they put in place would do so
    on their behalf.

    Those who were nationalistic, such as Lumumba, were just

    This part of the web of the European dominance structure over

    If we were to educate Africans about this reality, that as
    we fight, the instigator is busy stealing our spouses, children and wealth, the
    ethnic tensions would lessen.