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  1. You really got nerve!!! You give the people nonsense nominations and then dare address us as above. You should instead have apologized, then gone on to assure us that your promises to run the country properly should you win the election carry more substance than your promises that ODM would have a free and fair nomination process. In this digital age, there must be better ways to conduct nominations, which you and your team clearly have no clue about, meaning you are not the guy to take Kenya to the next level !!!

    1. Stop being impolite pal. When guys were tearing up each in Nyanza because of his name, the PM was busy campaigning in Ukambani. They were simply fighting because they known his name guarantees changed fortunes. So what was PM supposed to apologize about? And if another “Iteere” political conmen surface in his absence, is he to blame anyway?

      1. “I would like to extend my sincere apologies for the inconvenience that
        our Members and Observers experienced as a result of this. Lessons have
        been learned and in future we anticipate that we shall run a smooth and
        flawless exercise, “ – Uhuru Kenyatta.

  2. For the there to be what you say, please act on the principles of democracy and stop imposing leaders who are not wanted and voted for.listen to the common mwananchi instead of your party pay rollers.Mr.odinga have a heart and be what you say you are!!!

  3. Hon Pm please address the issues of violence in Nyanza during ODM nominations.It sucks to hear you talk of violence in central when your supporters in ODM were tearing one another , the 2007 style.Blaming the press of unbalanced reporting is not the issue.I hope ODM hooligans won’t do the same in you loose the presidency.

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