• Rayana

    Brilliant!!! This should wake some lazy men/women who are solely dependent on thier sons/daughters/brothers/sisters, and make no effort in making their own future successful. Even old men who still have some strength think now is their time to depend on their offsprings whom they educated, and such men have become very lazy, although they have shambas to work on.

    • Billy Wachakana

      Its not fair to judge your/our parents this way, they played their part and that’s why you are whom you are, respect them and you will get more blessings, if you have something do not fear to give them, they brought you on this earth and you dont have an idea what they went through to raise you.

  • Freshar

    Brilliant!!! Absolutely brilliant CK

  • Evans Mwakera

    Phenomenal, refreshing and a true Blessing. God Bless you Chris Kirubi.

  • Can others too collectively pull one down to meet their interest?

  • Chris Kirubi, this is a gem, thank you for sharing!

  • The blog is inspiring, motivating and a challenge to me. Jah blessings Chris.

  • jameswan

    lets learn to be the ones to lead in good example

  • BonnieNduma

    Well put Chris!

  • J.OUMA

    Those are real nuggets/fads that if embraced by just half of the employable Kenyans,then our vision 2030 will be crashed to vision 2020.Thank you Chris for those priceless nuggets.

  • corn

    you spoke to me in that article