One thought on “YOHAN_BLAKE_359825175”

  1. Brother Mudavadi failed leadership test when he moved from Odm to no where! He wasted one hell of time before landing on other people’s party. That act of undue delay, that actually bordered on indecision, stole momentum from his under feet. That during Kanu final days, he was also caught in that absurd “to and fro thing”, came ringing all over again! His being caught by Uhuru’s web of tricks was even worse and undeniably sealed his fate. A politician who is unease in taking earthmoving decisions is no politician at all. Whats left to Mudavadi is either to push all the way to ballot and in the process reduce himself further, or join CORD, which has reserved position for him, to keep his status at national level. The pure one tribe caravan around him wont take him anywhere at all. It can only afford him to go to waste!!!!

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