• mwalimu

    Grading Kibaki’s tenure: Economy: A-: Infrastructure: A-; Education Initiatives: A; Telecoms and IT: A-; Health services: B; National Security B-; Reforms in government and Constitution: A-; Communications to citizenry: C; Unifying country C; Bridging gap between rich and poor; C-; Political creativity (building a strong political party/grooming heir- F).

    overall: Most successful president in growing Kenya’s economy todate. His infrastructural projects will have a huge impact on Kenya for years. We discovered oil during his tenure and passed a new Constitution. Kibaki, however, struggled in communicating to Kenyans. He did not have a clear objective of helping the very poor and he seemed too lax while unknown people blew huge holes in our national security (Eastleigh, Coast and Northern Kenya).

    My assessment: Kibaki is a great macro-manager. However, while that works for some functions such as the economy and worked for President Kenyatta, politics require some micromanagement (Moi). Kibaki allowed freedom of expression. He will be remembered as a very effective president despite his aloof style of governing.

  • ekrah

    God help us to get a leader who will make us foot 5% of the remaining bugdet

  • Swaleh

    Kibaki’s success was not a fluke. He aced the O levels at Mangu, studied at Makerere and London School of Economics. Then had many years of success in the private sector and government. He is so far the smartest man to live in Nairobi’s State House. A deep intellectual who also puts ideas to action. Hates noise making and time wasting gossip. And that is why Mwalimu there gives him an F.


    Hon. Bwana Kibaki.Asante Sana.You have really taken our great Nation to a new height.The acchievement in numbers given in your speech speak volumes about your intellect and greatness.You were the God given person to sail our Nation to new heights of prosperity .Looking around us ,our economy is really an envy to many Nation.Thank you your excellancy.May God keep you in utmost good health.

  • andrew

    the speech should have touched on developments since independents, not personal achievements. president kenyatta and moi were there before kibaki and both should have been echoed on what they did to this country. to me all the three are heros of development and each personality has a different style of executing their duties in leadership. Hongera Kibaki for steering the 2010 Kenya’s new Consititution. President Jomo is like moses with israelites moving out of Egypt and he made sure we got independence that is why we are celebrating Jamhuri Day. without him i do not know whether that speech would have been read. President Moi did his part, building schools, universities, Hospitals and a pioneer of free education. surely let us give credit and distinctions where it deserves. Hongera Jomo! HongeraMoi ! Hongera Kibaki! Great leaders of our beloved county Kenya.