• i acknowledge the dilemma facing the voter but that is not his/her fault: blame it on democracy! building, encouraging and supporting strong institutions is the easiest and most practical way to chart a great future for ourselves. for in them must we put our hopes: 249. (1) The objects of the commissions and the independent offices are to— (a) protect the sovereignty of the people; (b) secure the observance by all State organs of democratic values and principles; and (c) promote constitutionalism.
    the outcomes of march 4 2013 might be a done deal. but that does not put me off in any way. in any case, 3 months is a long time in politics. my hope was never in the court barring anyone from running. it is not their job. am looking to the iebc not to clear those ‘unsuitable’ to run for public office.

  • mnj

    Uhurus friends: sonko, Kabogo, Kimunya, Kabando wa Kabando all have weird and blood characters: Kabogo is charged with the killing of a university student, Sonko was jumping over a perimeter fence the other day, his source of wealth is questionable. Kimunya jicho damu and very corrupt minister in Kenyan history. Kabando a tribalist and traditionalist who supports evil ! conclusions : birds of the same feathers flock together. Uhuru should not be allowed to lead Kenya. Do not vote in criminals of international record in power. when a wicked person leads the people lament. Kenyans will lament if they vote Uhuru!