• trd

    KDF we appreciate your good work…please protect this our country

    • siad barre

      which country? kenya minus NEP. for NEP kdf stands for kenya destruction forces!

  • moxaibra

    This must be lie of the century are you suggest what i have witnessed didnt happen? your boys went on the rampage in garissa to avenge the death of their fallen colleagues,you choose communal punishment the residents who are victims of insecurity themselves and no amount of spin will exonarate those who your speeking for…KDF has blood on their hand..period

    • mkenya mvumilivu

      those hurling grenades & shooting soldiers are being haboured by the garissa residents. give up the terrorists who live within you and all will be well

      • yuyubenson

        How do you expect the average Garissa resident to identify: A person inclined to throw a grenade? A person who has thrown a grenade? A person planning to throw a grenade. A grenade is just about the size of tomato?! Unless you belive Gariissa residents are mind readers or clairvoyants! Going by your logic, the trained NSIS guys should be the first target of KDF!

    • Kalawa Edward

      Moxaibra, as your good name dictates, you are non other than the wrong most people to be in this country. A Kenyan who is a true lover of Peace will appreciate the works of KDF. We know 1 or 2 will have different mind as we know some even are related with these devils called Al shaabab. But we don’t care how much we will suffer until the peace of this country is restored. You may swallow the razor but bear in your mind that KDF will do their Job regardless of whatsoever. Army Guys; Keep it Up.

    • @moxaibra: When folks embrace criminals, they become criminals themselves. And moreso, when they resort to executing our defence forces. That can NEVER be tolerated at whatever guise. And if its communal punishment when security forces pursue criminals and their habourers, so be it! I thought Garissa was only a small place in a larger north eastern Kenya!

  • Mgk

    I condole with the families of the gallant soldiers. Forget those mixing politics with issues of security. we are proud of the work you did in Somalia and continue to do to protect our great nation

    • siad barre

      3 people are more important than 300,000 garissa town residents! are you mental! please let me know.

  • omundustrong

    I just saw a news clip of a local in Garissa giving hot air ultimatums to KDF to leave Garissa. I thing the right time is now to deal firmly with not only the actual perpetrators of such heinous act of killing military men in uniform, but to pursue their enablers, financiers and sympathizers firmly and forcefully without mercy for if this tumor is not dealt with expeditiously, the the country we know as Kenya shall be no more. We have to rise above political grandstanding tainted with “my people” are being targetted and be bold enough to single out criminal’s amongst us without the fear of losing ones political foothold/grip.
    My condolences to the family of all fallen soldiers.

  • doreen

    Well KDF was in Somalia and did non of the so called atrocities, i believe they’d be more kind localy….unless am proved otherwise!

    • siad barre

      doreen you are daft. Go to youtube and review the videos on Garissa.

      Then get back to me.

  • Mwanainchi

    Tell it to the birds Col. So who shot all those people your boss visited at the hospital? Who burnt the market? I had a lot of respect for KDF’s professionalism re Operation Linda Nchi but that credibility has been lost when your soldiers looted and then burnt shops to conceal the theft. A military that reacts spontaneously and carries out communal punishment has no place in today’s world. Get those are responsible for this and court marshall them else the Hague awaits the top brass including those like you who deliberately cover up atrocities.

    • @Mwanainchi: The market was burned by al-shabaabs attempting to our malign gallant soldiers. I would have been happy if it was burned by our security forces in hot pursuit of al-shabaabs! And you dont lose credility by doing whats expected of you in such circumstances. There was no communal punishent at all. Those who are saying such things are criminals that aided attacks on our forces. Perhaps, you are the one who needs to tell it to “your birds!!!”

      • siad barre

        there was no communal punishment? are you mental? give KDF the coordinates of your home town to fire tomahawks and then when all your relatives and babies are either in mortuaries or hospitals will see how your blogs differ from the current one.

        • @said barre: Mentals fellow are those who embrace criminals and expect some sort of special treatment. And if my relatives concealed crime, I WILL even ask for worse, be sure about that!!!!

          • mwanainchi

            Pratt -Bwire’s mum had no idea what her son was up to even though he lived with her in Kayole. So why can’t we go burn her house and whip her for hosting a terrorist? And how about that Kisii serial killer who killed 17 people, si we wipe out his extended family? yours, like KDF is very much driven by emotions. Even col Oguna knows the truth. Just like the looters and thieves from Dandora who looted shops after an unfortunate incident of terrorism, KDF soldiers used this opportunity to reap where they have not sown. We know who we Kenyans are. We steal from the dead at accident places, so why are doubting the ‘gallant’ soldiers stole and raped and killed? Duale said at K24 CAPITAL TALK their lawyers have photographic evidence to prove this and are going to court this week. So wait and see and u will know what this was all about. What differentiates a civilized society, one that follows the rule of law from a barbaric one is that despite any level of provocation, we need to follow the law. The criminals are criminals and have no regard for the law. In this incident there was no difference between Alshabaab and KDF because they both killed innocent mama mbogas just because they were angry. As Hon Charles Kilonzo said, the next thing these rogue soldiers would come for is the government itself.

          • @mwanaichi: First, I must say that I dont like being hard on people. However, in some instances, common sense must be called in to help the situation. Having said that, Bwire’s Mum only said that she had no idea that the baby was involved with al-shabaab. If indeed she was staying with him, thats a matter for debate. We can only give her benefit of doubt just because mothers hardly venture in to bedroom of their sons. Apart from that, grenades is not something that can be hidden under the bed! And Moreso, when the house has to be washed, as is always the case! But credit went to Bwire’s mum for she didnt, at least, violently confront security officers pretending that it was not her duty to pinpoint criminals!

            Politicians, especially those seeking re-election, can say anything to win votes. Many of them are very economical with truth. North eastern region has for a long time, experienced insecurity because some Mps from there behave as though they were part of the problem. There are certain things that can only be solved diplomatically. Am sure you noticed that no single government officer seems to have given orders for action to be taken after killing of our gallant soldiers. Have you tried to ask yourself why? Thats where the problem lies. Once you kill members of armed forces the bottomline is that you step on a live wire. If you burn offices of insurance company that insured you car, do you expect to be protected by that same same company? Guys like PM Raila even went there to try to make a political capital out of the matter. They even pretended to offer compsensation without consultation! You dont have to lie to public in such serious matters. No one takes responsibility for riotous mobs. If he was genuine, he would have advised business community in the area to take insurance cover for riots to avoid repeat loss in future.

  • KDF kudos you make me proud of you gallant soldiers. God bless Kenya, God bless Kenya Army.

    • siad barre


  • yuyubenson

    Shame. You behave like a spin doctor. Garissa is not a jungle, even pictorial evidence of what the KDF did is available. When you deny the credible how do you expect people to believe you again. Accept mistakes were done. Your boys behaved like university boys. US soldiers have been put in trial in Iraq and Afghanistan over killings and rape. What makes your men acceptional. Healing begins with admission and then apology. Now, assuming this killings happened near DoD in Hurlingham, will your men attack traders and burn the shops there?

  • ian

    Behind you all the way! Me nat care what dem haters say! Security in Kenya must be restored, and this is the time to do it! It is my fundamental right that whichever part of Kenya I visit, I feel safe. And that is a right that must be upheld and fulfilled by the government!

    • siad barre

      according to the constitution which 67% of kenyans passed, security is to be maintained while following the rule of law i.e upholding the fundamental rights of the citizens and basic rights and freedom. not by conducting a scotched earth policy.

      you cant feel safe if you happen to be going about in a town where soldiers of the supposedly professional army behave like wanugus, pillaging and raping,beating and looting,destroying and burning an entire town!

      • @said barre: First, you must understand that fundamental rights of citizens dont constitute breaking the law. Those rights have to go hand in hand with
        those of security forces. Habouring hostile forces is treason Mr. Barre! Its common knowledge that folks in north eastern Kenya know about al-shabaabs in their midst. Even one fellow in Garissa told media that and I quote: “these guys do business here, have property, have vehicles and conduct gun running activities at the bridge…!” Thats pure treason if you know where enemies of the country are and you wont say! We can NEVER EVER ALLOW OUR MEN IN UNIFORM TO BE KILLED BY BANDITS WHO ARE KNOWN BY PEOPLE WHO APPARENTLY WONT SAY! Concealing and aiding crime is an extremely serious punishable offence. And when people turn to allowing our defence forces to be executed by their friends, it moves from normal crime to high treason. You therefore, need not feel safe when you are involved in such treacherous crime!

        • siad barre

          residents of NEP are not police officers or NSIS.

          how the f#$% are they supposed to know the folks inclined to commit crime,hah tell me are they supermen/women who can see through opaque objects! please reason before spewing gibberish and a total load of nonsense!

          • @said barre: I thought some of them said it? And concealing crime has nothing to do with police or NSIS for that matter. You are getting the whole matter wrong because you dont seem to know that citizens have to wholly play their part in crime eradication. Perhaps, you very better placed to us why you have to turn to police for blame, instead of turning criminals to them? And who told you these two institutions have to operarate in total exclusion of citizen? Your pathetic approach to issues might have hugely contributed to problems in Garissa! By the way, whats this reasoning of yours that insulates criminals?

          • @Kwessi Pratt can I add anything to this maybe just a line, The Original Kenya Somali can tell a Foreign somali from miles their accent Is different ,but this guys will not turn criminals to security agencies they think it`s not their responsibility.On the other hand the locals think it`s a good Idea to help this criminals acquire Govt documents, Well you get what you wish.

          • @Francis Thogo: Very well said, be blessed pal!

      • @said Barre . You sound a very bitter man,This Al shabaab war have Nothing to do with Law abiding citizens of the World infact the Somalis who live in Places like UK are very happy that their country is returning to normal ,But you are unhappy, is there a reason to this? were you in some kind a benefactor to the the Lawlessness in Somalia Country ? Cause if you Love the Race Called Somaliya then you surly would be Celebrating.Hold your horse man kENYA WILL NEVER BE ANOTHER SOMALIA AND AM NOT HIDING MY IDENTITY.

  • KDF well done!!! some people will brood politics on anything. Let those yapping about politicizing security issues tell us where they were until the security situation deteriorated to what it is.

    • siad barre

      i hope you are not educated because you need to go back to school.”kdf well done”

      for raping women and shooting children in schools,stealing money and torture.

      • @said barre: You need to watch your language. Perhaps, we might choose to catch up with you!

        • siad barre

          bring it on baby! i might choose to knock off your filthy teeth!


          • @said barre: This is the sort of stuff that met our security forces. No wonder screams were all over the place!!!!

  • loboko

    good job Colonel Oguna

  • loboko

    we helped them as IDPs and now they’ve turned on us!Who are they, they must be showed discipline!!!

  • Hassam

    Well done! Good Job

  • Mugiithi

    Its only in Garissa where youths stone churches, stone soldiers trying to secure a scene and where “Al shabaab” will always attack and disappear into the local population. truth be told KDF was really disciplined..The old Kenya army would have made such a bloody mess in Garissa….Anyway, its about time serious action is taken on Al shabaab sympathizers in Kenya..The only way to win this fight is through intelligence..The security forces should set aside Billions of shillings for paying out informers..Wars are only won through foreknowledge and foreknowledge only comes about from spies..have heavy security presence in towns and entice spies with major financial rewards..