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  1. Thank you for the voicing your concerns, unfortunately your response shows a lot of bias. You have concentrated more on the reprisal attacks than on the initial attack. Is it that you don’t empathise as much with the initial victims? Just as well that we didn’t hear you speak out when someone threw a grenade into a church or when they shot policemen and soldiers in Garissa. The only way out of this is for all the community leaders to show equal sustained efforts in educating their own communities on who the real culprits are: Imams have a moral responsibility to always condemn these attacks during their sermons…not only on media.. we all know what happens. on media you sound remorseful but in the mosques and privately you encourage such attacks..and therein lies the mistrust…on the other hand preachers and all politicians also have a moral responsibility of educating kenyans on who the real culprits are. they are not the somalis, the guilty people are the criminals from Alshabab. We need all leaders to go into all these troubled areas together..they should spend their days in Garissa, in Eastleigh, in Mombasa, talking to people..listening to their concerns..Its time for leadership, not empty rhetoric.

    1. Good point, but remember most Muslim leaders in Garissa and Nairobi came out strongly to condemned the church attack. In Garissa Muslims youths came out to guard churches against further attacks. Material and moral support was provided in Garissa by Muslims. I have not heard of any Muslim ecouraging people to bomb churches. Mosques are also inflitrated by government spies so it will not escape attention.
      We also need to remember KDF is involved in war so inevitably soldiers will die. Al-Shabaad had also warned on reprisal attacks agianst KDF.

      1. You obviously have not heard the rubbish spewing out of your mosques on Fridays…here is a sample ‘ati bwana asifiwe na bibi je?’ Kuffars wanaabudu binadamu amabaye alizaliwa, was breast fed and yada yada. It is a religion of piss! I support the retaliatory attacks fully, next time your ilk dares mtarudi Somalia na Yemen together with your brainwashed Bantus/Nilotes (the likes of teh author) whom you are now using to blow themselves coz your own ‘nywele za singa’ children are too precious to meet their 72 virgins! Fanyeni fujo muone

  2. …this message is really important and to the point, please we have the responsibility, all of us to maintain peace, and let us not condemn anyone who is innocent…we are one country and we all have a stake in this great nation. Criminals are criminals and let us not condemn any innocent persons for criminals!

  3. We are playing to the tricks of the Somali warlords who want Kenya to go the same route they went through.its time for Kenyans to open up their eyes and smell the coffee. We know of boko haram in Nigeria………….and if we are not careful we will go beyond the xenophobic nonsense to inter-religious war.God forbid.

  4. Why is that every terror act is committed by someone claiming to be or a muslim? And why is it that muslim orgainzations in the country are everready to come to defence of such criminals regardless of the enormity of the crime? Then quickly Islam is introduced in the matter! We have seen it too many times, especially when anti-terror police swings in to action. Even when terror suspect Rogo was killed, seemingly by his friends, Islam was rolled out. I say he was killed by his friends because police arrived at crime scene just after 5 minutes later. However, by then this fellow “Maccaburi” was already there ready to incite his friends against the police. They wont even allow police to take him to hospital. Apparently, he might have survived and pointed fingers at those who pretended to fight for him! And this Maccaburi fellow ordered his burial even without confirmation of death! Bearing in mind that he was receiving huge amount of cash money from his al qaeda friends, the chances are that he had alot of dollars in his house, – the motive of murder. There was no way he would have used banks because he was blacklisted. Incitement againstt police was certainly an effort to cover trail! Why cant we seperate crime from religion if we are truly honest? By the way, your piece is largely in the defence of muslims! Does the Holy Koran allow these murderous acts?

  5. Share the good news with all about Islam and there will be peace, security and for all to move forward one human being created to learn from each other not kill each other. Our enemy and his tiny helpers have been shackled. Victory is for all the believers in the everlasting God, Allah the creator of all that is good and living.

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