• hahahaha “(my boss thinks I’m the most dedicated employee)”. My 2 cents, words from my father “Your 1st girlfriend will never be your wife, if so, you are destined for trouble.” If you had to marry her, you should have sampled what’s out there 1st then go back to her as your final choice. FYI “I’m still in the party till early morning”

  • Cris

    its never too late! better late than never move out man!

  • Larry

    You saw it coming but did not take it seriously. Now you have no option but bringing in another nice woman who will show her how to treat a man.

  • Augus

    That woman needs you man. But tame her. Move out for a month. Give her absolute deaf ears. If she doesnt follow you, have fun and and in the process meet someone new.People break up and remary at 50.

    • Trixy

      I Agree with part of his suggestion. You need to teach her a lesson. Just don’t look elsewhere just yet. Give it time, and ask her how she would feel if you always came home at 4 am, drunk, never paid bills, never took care of her and never did anything…where would you two be if it wasn’t for you. She needs to look at herself in the mirror and see the person she has become. Maybe she also feels frustrated that she didn’t explore, but that doesn’t mean things can’t work. My opinion, talk about it…express how badly you feel, even if she gets hurt. You could also tell her you need time out, as Augus says. She might wake up! You never know what she could be going through, until you communicate.

  • lame; grow up

  • Tush

    ever heard of ‘its our turn to eat’!!! now its ur turn 2 ‘pour into ur house’ bt if u lv her as u claim, just man up and tame her-its not lyk shes from nyeri ama?

  • Third Eye

    hahaahahaaa! You just made up this story! Although real in our real life experiences, I’ve noted a few inconsistencies, and therefore, no suggestion other than congratulating you guys for a creative way to get us blindly engaged on this platform. Keep it up.

  • Dr. Real Deal

    Boss…Stop kidding yourself! A marriage founded on the wrong basis usually ends its journey on the rocks…You both got married for the wrong reasons, and didn’t take the time to know each others’ hopes, dreams and aspirations…. So after getting married, she realized she has the freedom now and the money to spend…and she is spending it like hell. That she is pregnant and assuming it’s yours, also proves you have been enjoying some conjugal, hence the illusion that she still loves you..
    Well, she might be still in love with you, but my brother you are being taken for the ride of your life…and not the good kind!
    If you are christian, Proverbs prescribes: “It is better to live on the rooftop than in the same house with a nagging woman!” It also suggests that a nagging woman is like water dripping from a tap!” Even non-christians will admit that these tenets are true, and they are very difficult sircumstances to live under. My two cents is RUN FOR THE HILLS!! and don’t look back. Make arrangements to take care of your unborn child and her mother (thank God for Mpesa), and save yourself a LONG LONG life of misery thereafter! You are ONLY 27 for crying out loud. Do you really think you are going to handle all that CRAP till the age of 47?? at the very least?? There is a life out there for you. Go find it.

  • kiqie

    the early the betta…dont stay tied for the rest of ur lyf…u disav to be happy

  • hais

    the biggest mistake a man can do is to marry sb hoping that she’ll change in marriage. u should not have married her after she started partying leaving you in the house.