• Jannadas

    Its sure is a SHAME for a to be a leader to take a wrong action putting personal interest
    before that of a country.

  • what a foolish woman

  • Nathaniel James Likoto

    Is this the same Shebesh we saw furiously defending the illegitimate send-off package for MPs? One cannot have principles that work when chosing a political party, but none when it comes to unbridled greed and self-enrichment.
    Let us not forget that Uhuru Kenyatta, as Min. of Finance, opposed similar pay increases in 2009 and was almost lynched in parliament!

  • Boiyot

    Some people seem smarter until they open their mouths… What a bunch of rubbish!

  • Too many words to describe an opportunistic move. Wasn’t Shebesh the same one screaming for the “rights of Mps” to steal, pillage and loot the coffers for themselves? wasnt she the same one calling ODM women delegates “Shamba women” after she lost an election? Wasn’t she the one who immediately jumped into the Waititu, Sonko bandwagon to campaign? Wacha story mob Mrs. Shebesh, we know your true colours. Hauoni kura zetu please

  • You are only elavating tribalism to fictitious nationalism. Infact, there is no shred of difference between Odm and TNA. May be only that Uhuru faces ICC charges while Raila doesnt. Otherwise, their approach and style is just the same – extreme tribalism displayed as political strength of sorts. Without counting on Kikuyu and luo blockvotes, both are hopelessly nothing! And who doesnt know TNA secreteriat is composed of powerless individuals just being used as “flowergals?” Who doesnt know that they are mere Uhuru’s employees faking independence of action?

    Is Hon. Uhuru becoming a democrat today when he is actually a child born and brought up in tyrany? If Kenyans truly need to break with the past, HONESTLY UHURU cant provide that depture! If he was a serious guy, his all time state favored political career would have transformed this country to something else. But what can really be pinned on him, budget errors/thievery? We have to stop joking! Even conman can make very good speeches indeed. Thieves too can make wonderful presentations. However, the real love for the people defines the shape your leadership is likely to take. Thats where the catch is. For if you are looking people down because of your ill-gotten wealth, what would those poor folks expect from you anyway? Furthermore, if your filthy ivory tower is only a preserve for the rich, what purpose will it serve for majority of Kenyans?

  • Arap Chumo

    Miguna Miguna said that you, Hon Shebesh, a married woman, had an affair with PM Odinga. Was your leaving ODM for TNA informed by personal reasons or party platform?

  • @tkilonzo

    what a metarmophosis for Racheal! It has taken four painful years to understand democracy, c’moon, she is just an oportunistic and tribal

  • @tkilonzo

    She uses the name Muthoni sparingly in public forums, now its the time for tribal purposes

  • Victor Oluoch

    I don’t know why women allow themselves to be used…Shebesh has been for along time used as an ODM mouthpiece and just when I though she was making a smart move TNA has given her the mouthpiece job which she has gladly taken. Shebesh you need to be your own woman to earn respect from Kenyans. Otherwise the best you can get is a nomination