• This is hate speech. Are you claiming that Kalenjins in general are waiting to start killing Kikuyus anytime soon?

  • tell the truth

    Capital…you are letting kenyans down by publishing such blogs.

  • Kenyans are getting sick and tired of being weighed with conmen’s scale. Instances are plenty that suggest we are being deliberately misdirected by blind selfish interests. There must be some kind of logic in raising issues. But you dont go for whats not even necessary! You cant cook up things and then tell us: this is the way its, whats your answer! Many articles have chokingly followed this trend for far too long. Illogic is actually becoming the normal. Characters with selfish loyalties are shooting up to unreasonably demand to scrutinize how others are operating. However, they never allow the same to happen to their preferred candidates, who seemingly live in glass houses. Needless to say, they are moral vacuums without any authority to demand anything from anyone.

    Only last week, a columnist in one of the major newspapers asked brother VP Kalonzo Musyoka to stand up and be counted. The reason for that was even more amuzing than the insulting demand. Apparently, the guy didnt know what transpired in a meeting between VP, Hon. Ruto and Uhuru a few days ago. He even admitted as much! However, that lack of knowledge didnt stop the conceited fellow from attempting to discredit the VP. That Hon. Johnstone Muthama of Wiper party had made some statements that were favorable to merchants of deceit, was reason enough to go after the VP. Previous pronouncements by former justice minister Mutula Kilonzo were also revisited as evidence enough that the two were mouth pieces of the VP. The columnist didnt want to understand that Hon. members speak their minds to try to guard their interests without any shred of prodding. Obviously, he was telling us that what goes on at Raila’s Odm party supposedly must be replicated in all other parties. And anything short of that is presumably unreal.

    Conveniently, precedents are overlooked, if not deliberately trashed. WDP is indeed the only party to have given its members true freedom. Dictatorship is unheard of in the party. It never punishes dissent like what normally merchants of deceit do. That its chair is already in another party but retains his ministerial post is a democratic feat that cant be found in any other party. We know what happened after Odm members started seeing the nakesdness in their former little king! Perhaps, if the columnist was honest enough with his selfish enterprise, he would have told us in the same breath that party chairman was running around with brother Ruto at VP’s request! After bitterness was converted to truth after VP took off with Odm-K, Kenyans must be fools. When Kalonzo took off with the vice presidency that we were eyeing, he supposedly became an “opportunist” and a man without a “stand.” After the VP undid our mockery and shamed us, we had to “criminalize” passing in between. And after it looked like Kenyans were buying our cheap mischiefs, that become our permanent politics despite pretentious reform credentials!

    Brother Hon. Uhuru is now being asked to explain his deal with brother Ruto. And by people who are not even TNA members! Whats the rationale behind it other than mischievious purposes? Does that tally with lame selfish apologies that come too late in the day? Then Kenyans are quickly bombarded with new found “need” for apologies that outrightly lack specificity! Surely, somebody must be living in unbelievable dream world. Somebody is definitely taking Kenyans for granted. Indeed, somebody thinks that after Kenyans bought his lies as one-day-fun, that saw his bitterness marked by falsehoods, turned in to one-day-truth, those childish little tricks can get us done at this late hour. No wonder fraudsters call themselves the only reformers in the country. No wonder Kenyans “dont read” books that expose conmanship!

  • William

    A fellow like the writer of this article, who seems not to have much to offer, is maybe only looking to get thirty dirty pieces of silver. He would, under other circumstances, belong in jail for engaging in hate speech. We don’t need this kind of drivel at this time.This kind of open eyed hypocricy will lead us nowhere. We, however, need to pray earnestly!There will be many conmen and prophets of doom seeking to divide Kenyans using ethnic pens in this electioneering period, and we should all be ware! Media such as yours should also be careful not to take us back to 2008. Let us all strive to present our country before God alive!

  • Mich

    Unfortunately, you have only one vote Bw Ngunjiri. You can’t stop we the people.

  • Duncan Muchina

    Your article would be good were you not an avowed RAO supporter. Sometimes as a columnist non-partisanship works better. One can’t help but see through your article to the other side of the river where you patch “innocently”. Good day Sir!

  • disqus_SsA0tyAHuh

    Wambugu this piece reflects an idle mind hired to spike the trust and thriving relationships bet two communities with suspicion, hatred, and animosity towards each other. The nation is trying to heal and this two main communities which tore each other apart have reconciled and working hand in hand. The burden this nation has laboured with are the guns for hire like yourself!