• jay

    totally disagree with #6.
    ask any man, a small bum has never been appealing.. there has to be something worth handling.. Not flat!

  • personally i like voluptuous, full figured, dark skinned women with white teeth,minimal or no make up and excellent hygiene. Those are the fundamentals, the rest are just details that really are not a deal breaker.

  • nelson kamau

    thats nice, i like.

  • this survey is not accurate

  • franchise

    small bum no! no! is this survey really from an African context really? no! no!

  • Where was this study done? ..It means that men r very superficial

  • LOL what about MOMOs ?

  • Ben Bella

    you have said it. Its like you actually knew what i look for

  • that’s true

  • the proffessor

    no no no..this survey is from a metrosexual lad.what do you mean cute nose with symmetrical face???the 3 things men notice are the ass,boobs n face 2 compliment the 2…so get your facts right!!this is kenya.

  • I like dark skin, and small boobs

  • Charles

    A light one with no big stomach..perfect!

  • sarah

    ha ha ha ha ha ha

  • So much about what they like….I like myself just as I am,if a man doesn’t well and good.

  • Warui Maina

    a nice smile,slim,nice lips do a great deal….but the behavior matters alot

  • deek cheez

    big breasts, perky is a bonus