• ooh please,far fetched to be true,sounds more like a movie script

  • Santino

    u rily meeeeeeeeeesd up gal.U N YA HSBAND NID REPENT………..

  • joe

    to be sincere u lack wisdom.

  • jazzed

    Props!! Revenge is sweeter. Hope you saving for the day the husband will leave but you’ll do well

  • Anonimasio

    This is pure bullshit, woman.

  • evofanatic

    That’s one of the most childish things I’ve ever heard, grow up!! Stop punishing your husband for something he’s probably not sorry for. All you’re doing is making life hard for you and your kids. Leave him and find a guy you like!!

  • Edu

    What a fake story, u nid to style up

  • Eddy

    Go tell that to the birds! This is a well choreographed story. I don’t think a divorce is that hard for persons with ‘mutual hatred’ for each other. While I in no way condone what he supposedly deed, am just curious about one thing; is everyone around you people that daft not to notice something is amiss? Its a beautiful story though for the fiction column.

  • Stella Mwangi

    What kept running through my mind throughout the article is “what a coward and stupid woman”, I’m yet to see what there is to brag about, you are as unhappy as you claim your husband is and therefore it sucks to be you too.

  • Shakespearian stories!!

  • Q-t

    Why did you even get married to him? You knew the truth about him and knew the state of your heart and yet you still chose to marry him and bring children up in a dysfunctional marriage. You are the dumb ass here…

    • me

      Very true Q-t

  • KKioi

    lol…this is something you are thinking in your mind,it’s not true at all…
    pls this is primary school kids stories!!!!!!

  • mwangi

    Exreemely fake!

  • Alias

    Poor script of a story that clearly does not have any practicality to it. No reader can believe this hoax. Its all made up and in bad taste.