Ready to rumble


Nairobi, Kenya, May 28 – Pinks in Charge, with a modified 3.5 litre V8 engine have set their sights on giving the boys a run for their money in this weekend’s Rhino Charge.PINKS_IN_CHARGEWith just two days and hours to go before their powerful machine roars into the deep of Kenya’s beauty and splendour terrain, the all ladies team is gearing to outdo themselves and finish all the check points in the event this year if not taking the trophy home.

Team captain Caroline Armstrong was oozing with confidence during the team prep, as she worked to charge her team hours before the event

“Last year we performed really well, we outdid ourselves were it not for the mechanical faults may be we would have finished all the check points,” Armstrong said    

Last year the team finished 11 checkpoints out of the traditional 13, with mechanical issues dogging their campaign.     

“This year our car is really in a great shape, we have done serious modifications to it, she has responded well, we’ve thrown all the challenges to her at training and she has responded really well, if she performs the way she has on the material day, we will scoop the top honor,” She explained.

The team comprises of Armstrong, Mary-Ann Kirubi, Elodie Sampéré, Patricia Wena, Linda Karuru and Sophie Govani.

A total of 63 teams have signed up for this years event, touted as one of the toughest tests as man and machine form a synergy to complete a gruesome course every year since 1989.

Rhino Charge was conceived on the verandah of the Members Bar at Muthaiga Country Club when Rhino Ark founder Ken Kuhle, asked Rally Enthusiast Rob Coombes whether he would organise a motorsport event to help raise funds for the “Rhino Ark Charitable Trust” that he had recently formed.

The concept discussed was to hold an “Off Road” competition whereby the winner would drive a vehicle to the highest altitude on Mt Kenya, the rest as they say is history

Thirty one competing vehicles entered the maiden 1989 event won by Travers Allison in a Suzuki Jeep. Distance was measured with the vehicle’s standard odometer.

These pioneers probably had no idea of the huge interest this small event would attract in the years to come.

Last year at Namunyak- Samburu East, Alan Mckittrick, won the top prize, presided a year earlier with Rallying legend Ian Duncan, three charge honours in his name.

All proceeds from the event go towards fencing the Aberdares to secure its vital national water catchment and indigenous forest cover and provide protection for the families who live along the fence line from crop damage and attack by wild animals