• MegaMind

    Women, We will never ever understand you!. Even the ones being proposed here, If you do all-of them to the letter, rest assured, she will still not feel satisfied. Let women be women, and let women to remain women…., we will appreciate them that way, but no ore struggles.

    • Sarah

      It depends if she is good and has a clean heart not a wicked heart she
      will appreciate you. Its not wise to generalise with saying “women will never
      understand you” cause again we are all not the same, so its like saying
      “men are like dogs” yet they are not all like that….

  • Mike

    Noone will ever know what women want. So, women it’s up to you. You have a choice. If the man is not measuring up, LEAVE IMMEDIATELY!!!

  • onetwo

    sasa uki pata yule dame wa eastlands wa kuvuta bangi na una jaribu kumwabia awache na hawachi? ufanye nini?

  • Curtis Saiti

    I believe that the author of this article even does not know what women want.