• Nnenna

    Boring designs. You should pick more creative people from all over Africa not just SA

    • mehmeh

      you do realise these designers are from Kenya..

  • Brazille

    Wow! There is something there. Emerging designers, huh?

  • Es

    Thought I’d be seeing something new…I agree with Nnenna, the designs are boring!

  • Lorryboy

    Keep an eye out on part 2 for Michelle Njeri Cuthbert. Not boring!

  • CS

    those who think they are boring designs, we dont see your name anywhere on the ‘finalists’ list….prove you can do better before you hate!

  • Well done! fresh talents wait and see

  • michael leisin

    love the leather work by marion waithera

  • Jane

    Nick Ondus work is perfect having some of his pieces…..

  • jimreeves

    nick ondu rocks

  • RueThis

    SERA SERA…Here she comes…No.11 is the only one doing an Indian piece and executed it TOO DAMN WELL……

  • Fan

    Ogake Mosomi !!!

    • Douglas

      I concur Ogake Mosomi!

    • Dr. Pap

      Bravo!! Ogake’s products are spell bounding!!!! OOOOOHH!!

  • The Kissing Bandit

    MARION WAITHERA .No.11! What more would you ask for 🙂

  • nick ondu for ankara vintage! love his creations

  • Marion Waithera’s line is off the chain..she got my vote!!

  • Eric Asiago

    Susan Long’s collection is amazing…………..like the mix of fabrics


  • Kemi Amoro

    Ogake mosomi… The mixture of the fabrics and the unique design that emerges is just… well… elegant to say the least.

  • benson malua

    love the african taste

  • Anil Padia, simplicity and elegance are key that’s why you get my vote!

  • Neo Sithole

    Anne Sophie designs are amazing..

  • Anil Padia amaizing!!!

  • Love it!

  • mugure Njoka

    I love Ann Sophie’s creations they are very lovely.


    Anil Padia….excellent…keep it up!!

  • Roselyn Ndungu

    Ogake’s work is simply outstanding. very classy.

  • esther

    ogake mosomi yeah yeah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    jamil walji wil def win hands dwn!

  • Shyro

    loving ogake’s work, you go girl..

  • Joe

    I think Anne Sophie deserves it!! Just one word for her…INCREDIBLE!

  • Meloddi Mazola it is :o)

  • jam

    Anil and Ogake! Both deserve the victory! amazing work! very different but both simply talented!!! AWESOMENESS!!!!

  • Anil Padia has my vote!!

  • Anil Padia you are the best!!!

  • Felix

    Nick 4 fafa hands down

  • Akshi

    Anil Padia has my vote!

  • Mutio

    Ogake…that’s amazing work!!!

  • Ann Mpinga!! 🙂

  • ondu kazi hiyo sasa


  • Amos

    Ogake you have picked the right fabric, you are definately the winner, keep it up well done, I will order something for my wife.

  • The Kissing Bandit

    MARION WAITHERA .No.11! Vote! Vote! Vote!

  • Anne Sophie definitely gets my vote!

  • Tiffany

    Hi Og your work is very beautiful and intelligent. you have worked very hard.

  • Christine A

    Galina Tatarinova has my vote so does Deborah Kimathi

  • Veeral Shah

    Anil Padia, you have our vote! You definitely deserve our vote. Best of Luck!

  • Aditi Shah

    Anil Padia, You’ve brought out the creation of innovation! Simply Fantastic! You have my vote!

  • Nick ondu…lovely collection..#Nick Ondu 4 fafa

  • Mzee dad

    Well done Ogake! The blue is great.

  • Sumanchandra

    Anil Padia You are Great and You Have My Vote .

  • Uche Kaigwa

    GO Susan Long!!! Love the colours prints! Certainly has my vote!!

  • sarah arasa


    Great work. All the best in your career.

  • gibson

    i think ogake’s work is pretty outstanding given her believe in the african story which is not often told or expressed, she has decided to showcase it in a unique perspective and she deserves the win

  • Amna

    Great work Anil Padia!
    You have my vote definitely 🙂

  • Slazo

    NICK ONDU!!! Check out Ankara Vintage on FB, then you’ll see his brilliance!!!!