57 thoughts on “ERIC_CANTONA_963509817”

  1. those who think they are boring designs, we dont see your name anywhere on the ‘finalists’ list….prove you can do better before you hate!

  2. SERA SERA…Here she comes…No.11 is the only one doing an Indian piece and executed it TOO DAMN WELL……

  3. Ogake mosomi… The mixture of the fabrics and the unique design that emerges is just… well… elegant to say the least.

  4. Anil and Ogake! Both deserve the victory! amazing work! very different but both simply talented!!! AWESOMENESS!!!!

  5. Ogake you have picked the right fabric, you are definately the winner, keep it up well done, I will order something for my wife.

  6. i think ogake’s work is pretty outstanding given her believe in the african story which is not often told or expressed, she has decided to showcase it in a unique perspective and she deserves the win

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